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I started getting hives on my thighs when I was 17. I would scratch them to the point of bleeding and then began seeing the spots appear. I thought they were scars. For years they were just on my thighs but a few years ago they started spreading and getting worse. I was bartending an drinking a lot and would wake up in the middle of the night itching like crazy. The spots starte spreading down my legs to the point that I could no longer wear anything but pants. It began spreading to my upper arms and I stopped wearing tank tops and short sleeves. Now at 31 it covers my entire body badly. My forearms are alright but the undersides of my arms are terrible and it's spreading badly on to my hands and now up my chest and neck. It is so embarassing. I feel like everything I do is determined by UP. How I hold my hands when I drive, how I grab things, what I wear, how I walk, the activities that I DON'T do, which is nearly everything. It rules my life. I am so tired of living like this. Tonight I went to my gym at my apartments and worked out. Of course I felt the itching coming on during the cardio. By the time I got home I wa itching like crazy and couldn't help but give my legs a good scratching. And then came the hives, which make it so much worse. It was awful. I just started crying. And I never cry about this. But I am so exhausted of living like this. It hurts and itches and is so embarrassing all the time. I can't take my daughter to the pool or hardly anywhere. I spent $3000 last year going to a nutritional healing doctor who helped determine some of my allergiesand that has helped but then I can't eat anything. He found that I have a leaky gut, non functioning adrenal glands, a thyroid problem, a rare parasite and an auto immune disorder. So far it's been a year of trying not to eat anything that could be an allergen. Im frustrated and have stopped going for now. Now I am trying a castor oil poultice which is supposed to draw out toxins in your liver but so fat no results. Next I am going to try a liver cleanse. I don't know what else to do. Has anyone seen relief from the spots?
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Hi Eakin1, I also have UP and I have had it almost the same time as you. I can't eat anything because I am allergic to everything and have taken everything that the doctors have prescribed to me including the prednisone. The only thing that has relieved my spots from becoming hives is a cold gel pack. It stops the itch and takes out the swelling. I put it everywhere, I stay away from the sun and if I work out I shower with room temperature water, which is hard to do in the winter time. I never take hot showers and dry off really well and put lotion on. Basically, I prevent the hives before it flares up and takes over my life. I do feel like a freak sometimes at parties and tell them I can't eat anything because everything they are serving I am allergic too, so I just eat at home then go. I don't know about you, but when I stress I have episodes as well and I just have to claim my emotions down because UP is so bad that I can't sleep from itching. I hope this helps a little, my skin is still very sensitive, but with the prevention it has been able to heal and look almost normal to where I can wear shorts, tank tops. If I get annoyed by people asking about the marks, I just tell them it's a birthmark.