Low Self-esteem Due To Up

I've been diagnosed with UP ever since I was a baby. The dermatologist had told my parents that it would slowly fade as I hit puberty. I am now a 16 years old girl. The spots haven't gotten any better. I feel so embarrassed to even walk around the beach in a bikini. Never have I thought that UP could be the cause of my low self esteem. UP is all over my body; my breasts, chest, stomach, inner thighs, neck, and now it's on my face. I just recently looked in the mirror today as I came out of my shower, and found one right below my right eye. I don't wear make-up, so I cannot cover it. When I was preparing to run for my half-marathon, one of my friends have taken noticed to the dots all over my body in the women's change room. The spots aren't small and clustered all over my body, but rather it is around the size of a regular eraser on top of a pencil and is sparsed. I told her how I felt about them and that it has been bothering me to even play volleyball on the beach wearing either a bikini, or a strapless top with short shorts. She told me that someone may find it cute, unique, and lovely. It was really nice to hear her said that, and it was something that I really needed to hear. However, I know that deep down, I would never view my UPs as being cute, unique, or lovely. A part of me feels that UP will make me a supremely unattractive girl. I wished there was a cure to this other than taking daily antihistamines pills.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Hi ohdearyou, I can understand where you're coming from. But believe me when I say that attraction does NOT only come from physical or visual perception. Yes, physical attraction is commonly the first thing that comes to mind when you say you are attracted to someone, but as you get older, as you mature, you will find that intelligence, or demeanor, or chemistry or conversations are also attractive.

I'm still waiting for that special day with that significant other! Thank you ♥