Uc Is Impacting My Life

I've had UC for a few years, it started off with just a few spots on my back, now it's covered my body. My face is thankfully untouched so far, I fear this like the plague. It's summer now, and I feel uncomfortable wearing t-shirt for the spots on my arms. I used to surf and loved the sea, now I fear it as the salty water flares up the spots and it looks just awful. Only my sister knows I have this, no friends or workmates know. I fear telling them. I was a good looking guy with everything going for me, now I can't see a happy future.

I did a online test, it says I have a higher than average social anxiety condition, no ****! I now dodge most social outings, I've isolated myself from others but managed to put up a false front and everyone thinks I'm normal(ish).

Why me, why why why

Your sadly,
mrspotty mrspotty
36-40, M
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Hi mrspotty. I feel your pain because I also have UP since I was 2 month and until now the spot still not disappear and now, I 22 years old already. The feeling of the shame, uncomfortable and low self esteem is all a part of me. Chill.

Hi mrspotty, first of all, I feel your pain. I have had many people ask about the spots on my arms, neck, and face and I managed to be cavalier about it. But it does take something out of you, specially your self-esteem. I am still struggling about it but as my good friend and cousin told me, the first step is acceptance. I know you are in a state of panic, or worse depression (I hope not), but the best remedy at least for me was talking about it. Feel free to send me any questions and I'd be more than glad to help.

One last thing, I'd love to talk with anyone experiencing the same thing. This is the first time I've found a place where people are talking about their issues. Somehow together we might be able to make some sense of it all !?!?! Please msg me!

Looks like I can't edit my own post, but wanted to add...

The thing that I'm really struggling with, I'm single guy 38yrs. How on earth will I find a girl that will find me attractive. Anyway...