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Glory Hole

I used to  travel to the San Diego area a lot, and one time I got curious and went into a bookstore near El Cajon during lunch one day.  There were holes there and guys would put their fingers in the hole as a sign to put my **** in there.  I started going by there whenever I was down that way, getting great blow jobs, so anonomously it felt awesome.  A good warm mouth is always welcome. One day I slipped my **** through the hole to a very warm mouth.  He worked me for a while, then stopped. I was soon back in his mouth, and it felt soooo great.  I worked his mouth, ******* him for a while, and came hard... and he kept in in there for a while...  eventually I went soft, and pulled out.  I went to wipe off the *** and spit from my **** and realized that I'd been ****** his *** for the whole time.  Awesome - thought about that one for a long time afterward....
getoverit27 getoverit27 46-50, M 15 Responses Jun 11, 2010

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awesome. always wanted to see my wife work some anonymous ****

where was that place? I've been looking for GHs for a long time here.

Gone now I think... Haven\'t been down that way in a while.

figures that its gone. Wish I could find one. The cops must have come down on the stores and closed up the GHs.

Great story could you not tell a warm mouth from a tight *** hole

The transition was too smooth, and the warm hole was a warm hole.... Still felt really good tho

Glad you enjoyed it I no I would have xx

great way to meet people

That was a risky play hope you got tested afterwards.


Would love to try someday

i thought gloryholes were for girls went also to suck **** if they felt like sucking random ****. lol. maybe im wrong. :( i wouldnt want to go and get sucked off by a guy. :(

Sounds like a wonderful experience.

wonderful, this happended to me too! thanks for sharing... gina

I like girliesissy's response!

That happened to me and it was the best **** I ever had, his *** was nice and tight and sucked at my **** on every back stoke, it was great would love to find him again and again.

wow...Im sure I woulda known the difference between a hot mouth and a hot hole...its all good

I've only been to a glory hole twice, both times was very exciting.

Lol... what a surprise! Sounds like the experience turned out very well :)