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My First Time In An Adult Book Store Gloryhole.

I was traveling out of town and had that scratch. A scratch that needed to be itched. My scratch originally involved ****, ******, and generally adult bookstore stuff. But I found a new scratch, one that I never thought I would turn into an addiction. As I cruised the store, I kept looking towards the back of the store where I saw men come and go. I was interested so I decided to investigate. I looked down this hall of doors some with lights on some without. I opened an unlit door and found a video screen. I was amazed, my own private **** room with lots of channels to view. I opened my wallet and scurried for some dollar bills. And found none, I walked to the counter and asked for some change; he promptly flipped them out and smiled. Have a good time. As I walked back the booth I was in was now taken and I moved across the hall to the next open booth. It was dark except for the lighting of the video screen. I ran some bills into the machine and a cornucopia of **** arrived. I was flipping though the channels and landed on two guy making out and ramming his large **** in and out of his mouth. I have always loved gay **** even though I was not actively engaged in m2m sex. I just found the whole thing quite fascinating. I began to lower my zipper to relieve my urges when I noticed this little hole in the wall. I looked though and saw someone staring right back at me. I was taken back. I was like WTF? And then I saw his two fingers coming though and then motion like a come here motion. I came close again and I heard him say, stick you **** though. I was dizzy with excitement, I had no hesitation, I did what he asked, unbuttoning my pants and sliding my underwear down, I was sticking out like an arrow. The feeling of sticking your **** though an anonymous hole for the first time was amazing. I felt these warm wet lips encasing my **** and then slowly sliding down until I was completely engulfed. I thought I was going to pass out. I felt his lips move up and down my shaft like a pro. It wasn't long before I was *******, and ******* hard. The person on the other side knew exactly how to work my **** and I was left breathless, dizzy and a bit confused. I finished emptying out and sat down on the cold plastic chair in the room. I looked up to see this **** being pushed though this hole. He was a large man, bigger than mine, I was in awe. I've never seen a **** so large and now it was right in front of me. I reached to grab it and it was warm to the touch. I wanted to taste him, feel his **** inside my mouth. What would it feel like? Taste like? I started by licking the underside of his **** and felt him jump. I slowly brought my lips to the tip of his large mushroom head and began to feel his silky skin rub against my lips and tongue. He felt amazing, sucking up and down his **** I felt his large veins across my lips. With each pass I tried to bring his beautiful **** further and further down my throat. I felt him pulse and had no idea what was in store for me. A torrent of *** came flooding my mouth, it hot, musty, salty and couldn't get enough of it. He emptied what felt like a gallon of *** into me. He pulled out from this magical hole and in a few minutes left his booth hearing his door open and close. My money in the video machine had well ran out and dressed myself the best I could and wandered back out on the showroom floor. I picked up a nice large ***** that remembered me of him and went back to my hotel room for more practice. I'll never for get my first time. It's been four years, and I still have the same *****.
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great story! thanx a lot

First time I let a man suck my **** it was in a glory hole booth. I declined his first "offer," so he held a condom through the hole. I was so excited I could barely take it out and put in on my ****, but I did it, and when I slid my rock hard **** through the hole I came so hard I thought I might break the rubber. It was FANTASTIC! Went back the next night and let a guy suck me bareback. When I heard him come in I peeked through the hole and saw him. Nicely dressed... blue button down oxford cloth dress shirt, Khaki slacks, and a little overweight. I sat back and let him see my naked **** and balls (I'd taken my shorts and underwear off) and when he offered I immediately stood up and slid my **** through the hole and into his mouth. His soft, pudgy lips were like nothing I'd ever felt on my **** before, and I groaned loud enough for him or anyone nearby to hear me as I ****** his mouth. When I came I almost pushed over the wall. He licked my crown as *** shot out of it and I just kept coming and coming and he kept sucking and swallowing until I finally had to slowly pull away. My legs were so weak I almost fell down. I think I shot a pint of *** down his throat, and to this day it was still one of the best blow jobs I've ever had, probably because it was only my second time with a man, and due to the circumstances... glory hole, "nasty," etc. I don't think I ever turned down a blow job from man again, although all of them took place in glory holes or **** theaters. Would love to have an orally bi guy join Scarlett and me in bed sometime, but she won't do it. Still, we do love to fantasize about it....

******* hot, gloryholes can be exciting!!

great story. nothing like sucking a huge **** of a stranger.