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Fun For The Married Man

I stopped at an ABS on my way to a town on a business trip and after spending some time in the adult theater areas (one straight movie room, one gay movie room), I wandered into the video booth area to watch a variety of **** and to slowly stroke myself. Another guy came into the booth next to me, and after sitting down, I could see that he was married (ring), and after a few minutes, he undid his pants and pulled out a nice c*%k and began slowly stroking. I put a couple of fingers in through the glory hole and he rose up, came over and slipped it through the hole. I began to lick and slip the head into my mouth, and after taking him in and going down and back on the shaft, he pulled away, whispered "want to change the channel". after he found a video more to his liking, he returned to the hole and I returned to my suck session.

he had a nice sized c&%k, and I was enjoying the feeling of him in my mouth and began using my tongue along the shaft and head, working myself into a nice slow steady rhythm, and soon was rewarded with the taste of his pre-c*&. my fingers were caressing his balls and around the base, and he began to let me know he was enjoying his ******* and getting close, as he began to slowly thrust through the opening. Finally, he thrust forward and began filling my mouth with such a nice warm stream of his c*&. I let him pump all that he could, relaxing my mouth a bit so he could finish with pleasure. As i looked through the gloryhole as he slumped back down on the chair, he was breathing heavily a little bit, and his face showed signs of having enjoyed a ****** - maybe the first one in some time. It may have well been, judging on the amount of ***** in my mouth. I enjoyed the feel, taste, and warmth, and swallowed.

Once again, getting a married c*^k off can be a very rewarding experience, for both involved.
johnjackspnty johnjackspnty 51-55, M 4 Responses Dec 26, 2012

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miss the old fashion glory hole it really was a blow hole and gave an opportunity to try giving or taking a nice warm wet mouth and taste of ***

I am a married man. I live in a mostly sexless marriage and I also travel on business. I tend to know where the bookstores are in most areas. They are always a great relief.

i live in the uk and adult stores may exist inthe south and london but have never heard of them in the north where every thing is so straight laced we have gay bars and stuff but no jerk off stores lol


there are theaters and stores with booths throughout the US, but far, far fewer than there were in the past. I think the availability of **** online or on DVD has reduced the demand for watching in a theater or booth. Good luck in finding friends to play with. :-)