My First Experience Using A Gloryhole In An Adult Book Store

I was 19 years old at the time. Even though I was a virgin and a attractive male at that time, I struggled to have a relationship with anyone. I never ****** anyone before but I decided to do something like this out of being desprite. Also, I was a **** addict and I used to watch **** constantly but mostly I watched was straight and sometimes gay ****. I always love women and still do till this day. I went the adult book store for my first time and I just browsed the video arcade but never did anything yet. The next day, I went over to the adult bookstore and I went in the booth and waited. I saw this man in the next booth so he started jerk off a little bit and then he put his finger through the whole and grab my ****. He started to suck my virgin **** and I never felt the same. He sucked my **** so hard I couldn't even describe the feeling till this day. He sucked my **** so much and I came in his mouth. I felt him suck the *** out of my **** and I never felt the same again. He wanted me to suck his and it was the first time I ever sucked **** before and I loved it. I sucked his white **** deep in my throat and I kept sucking until he came in my mouth. Then, like a **** I swallowed all his ***. I was in love with **** for a while but I never did anything that risk in a while. I did get tested two months later and my results showed I had no STDs or HIV.

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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

EP User, that was me years and years ago.I love the gloryholes, but since when AIDS came on the scene I just sit back and watch life go by. **** on the internet is as close as I dare go nowadays. I love stories of how others experiance Life in the darker side, because years ago that was my life.