Best Blow Job I Ever Got....

There is a small little **** shop in the Midwestern town I used to live in that I started going to years ago. At first I just went to buy ***** movies and sex toys and didn't't't either know or pay attention to the rooms beyond the front of the store that were sort of draped off. One night I had been knocking back a few and decided to poke my head through the curtains and found the theater. It is your normal booth set up with the wall of previews and you pick a room that is open, go in, put in your coins and pick you movie. This was all fine and dandy and I was more than excited enough to jack off and *** all over the floor or wall, zip up and leave. It was not until the 3rd of 4th time that i noticed the small little hole in the wall that you could peek through into the room next to you. I quickly put 2 and 2 together because I had always wandered why someone would enter the room right next to me shortly after I entered my room. Well this went on for a few months, every 3 or 4 nights, I would make a late night rendezvous to my new found fun spot and get off on the fact that not only was I watching **** and jacking off, I was being watched, not knowing that in some rooms, the holes were quite larger. One night as I was looking over the selections of movies that were playing in the booths, I made my way to the far end of the theater and chose a room in the back. I walked in put in my coin and began switching through the movies. I had heard of glory holes but up until this point, I had only been in the rooms with the "peep holes"  so when I saw the large hole in the wall, I now knew what they were all about. At that point no one was in the room next to me so I went about my business, had my hard **** out and was stroking it. Shortly after this I heard the familiar sound of the door next to me being opened and the latch locked behind. At first I was a little panicked and kind of covered up but after a few minutes I pulled it out again and started stroking again. It was at that moment that a hand poked through the wall and the"come here" gesture was being made. At this point I was so horny, I could care less and stood up and stuck my **** through the hole. What came next was indescribable! I have never to this day received such an amazing blow job. He knew exactly what he was doing and had obviously had some practice. It did not take long with the **** I was watching, the blow job I was getting, and the thrill of the entire thing, that I started to unload into his mouth. I did not know if he wanted it or not so I pulled back and proceeded to shoot the rest all over the wall and floor. At this point he stuck his hand in after my **** and pulled me back towards the hole, stroking the last few loads out of me. It took all I had not to collapse down onto the floor so I sat down on the chair. That is when the biggest **** I have ever scene in person poked through the hole. It must have been at least 9 -10 inches long and twice as thick as me. I slowly reached for it and stroked it a few times before wrapping my lips around it. That's when I got nervous and my conscience got the best of me. I licked it a few times but then stood up, zipped up and walked out. I left him there with a hard on sticking through the hole. To this day I regret not finishing the job because I have yet to see another **** that big and have it there for my use. Had I known then what I know now, I would have lubed him up and turned around and attempted to get that thing stuck up my glory hole. Oh well, of all the blow jobs I have received since then, none will ever compare.


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I really want to try a glory hole

Im in the bay area and cant find anything close to where I live I cant travel far and dnt want to travle super far any suggestions?

There is an adult bookstore in San Leandro with gloryholes, I have gotten some great ******** there over the years ;-)

thats where it all started for me. in the back of an adult book store, got my **** sucked 100 times better than my G.F. at the time. sucked my first **** there as well and tasted ***. you could find me there 6 nights out of 7 my G.F was not giving it up and those guys were. So kinky and dirty what a turn on. from time to time I still go to the glory holes but in S. fl. they have pretty much disappeared. To bad

BarbieB - There's an endless supply of adult theaters and video arcades with glory holes just a few hours south of you in San Diego. LA used to have some great places as well, but most of them have closed. Although I haven't been to LA for a number of years so things may have changed.

I have never experienced this, but you have me so horny with your story, I want to find one fast.<br />
In years past, I have never seen these in a **** shop. Does anyone know how I would go about finding one that offers this kind of service? i want to give blow jobs to these men.<br />
Hope you can help me.<br />
<br />
Thanks<br />

The experience is sooooo hot....some reallly good BJ's

Oh how I wish I could find a glory hole to have my **** sucked. I have never seen a glory hole before but sure would love to find one and try some experimenting. I would love to suck a big thick **** to climax as well as having mine sucked to completion. Anyone have any ideas where there are glory holes in the south bay area of LA California area?

damnnn that is hot, I have never done that before but I am definitley going to try it!

wow.. what wouldn't I give to have been a fly on the wall that night!!!