Anal Bead Play Info

Beads for your butt? It may sound kind of crazy, but these special beads are designed to take advantage of the pleasant sensations that can occur as your sphincter muscles open and close around a series of small round objects. When withdrawn at the peak of ******, you may experience an erotic thrill unlike any other. If you're already discovered the joys of anal play, you owe it to yourself to give this toy a try. So What Are Anal Beads? Anal beads are basically a series of small round beads spaced evenly along a cord (or sometimes attached to a stalk). Some beads are evenly sized, while others sport spheres that gradually increase as you work your way along the string. How Do They Work? Beads are like any other kind of butt plug with an added bonus: as each bead is inserted, the sphincter muscles contract and relax around each one for extra sensation. Some folks love the feeling of having them pulled out all at once during the moment of ******. Communication counts! Whether you’re using anal beads alone or with a partner you want to stay focused on what your body or your partner is telling you. Playing together? Check in with your partner with simple questions: Do you need more lube? Would it feel better to add more stimulation on other body parts? Are you ready for another bead? Is it time to pull them out? Lube Since the butt doesn’t self-lubricate, it’s important to apply lots of lubricant to your beads, and be prepared to add more as action progresses. Get turned on first. Gently caress the anus. Tap lightly or massage the anal area in preparation. Go slow. Take your time and insert the first bead. Stop for a moment and let your body adjust to the sensation. Insert the beads slooowly, allowing yourself to really savor the sensation. Stop to add extra lube when you need to. There’s no hurry to insert the entire set of beads to the hilt. The toy can feel just as nice when used partway, or just the first couple of beads. Take a breather. Even if you’re reeling from the pleasure of the beads, don’t hold your breath. It’s a common practice for folks to take shallow breaths or forget to breathe completely during sex, but deep breathing is essential to enjoying sex, especially of the anal persuasion. Breathing deeply draws much needed oxygen through your body, which helps to relax your muscles even further. Add to your pleasure. Try adding other kinds of stimulation at the same time. If you are alone stroke yourself, if you are with a partner have them stroke you or suck on you, adding additional pleasure will send your ****** through the roof. Go for timing. With the beads inside you and your ****** building, try to time their withdrawal with your climax. Gently now. Pull the beads straight out, rather than tilting them up or down. Resist the urge to yank them out as if you were starting a lawnmower, but respect your body and gently pull them out.

My wife and I enjoy using all sort of anal toys and anal beads can really be fun, I enjoy having them in while she is sucking on me and as i about to *** in her mouth I pull out the beads slowly. Check out our profile for more about us.
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I have some but we have never tried them, I got my first butt plug a few months ago and I love it and my wife is still scared but I think she will "***" around slowly she let me slid a well lubed finger inside her and loved it although she still is very shy. she won't tell me to play back there but is starting to like when I do. She know I love it and dosen't mind pushing stuff up my butt.

Your right they are wonderful !