A couple of months ago I was home alone, and soooo horny I couln't help myself!!! Not having any sextoys I resorted to the cucumber in the fridge!!! Oh my! I absolutely loved it, I even enjoyed the cool feeling from it having been in the fridge.  I have used other objects before but none was as enjoyable (besides the real thing, obviously) as the cucumber!  I can recommend it.

Lady0Lush Lady0Lush
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17 Responses Nov 3, 2009

the first time i squirted was with an english cucumber...mmmmmm!

my man had fun...great assistance and a new buddy!!!! feelin hot!

oh yeah my try it with me and damn!!!!!!!!! it was fun and crazy!!

Hello Lady,<br />
You sound so sexy. I have had a cucumber and I love it. I wish I could have been there to share your expericence. The cucumber would have been eated whole; oh, and by the way, my cucumber was not peeled and it felt wonderful, will have to try one peeled next time.


I hope you peeled the cucumber first. Otherwise that would hurt

hehe thanks dilfek!

Oh this is first step towards going green.

hmmm what kind of assistance matoti?

LOL I've used a carrot before...not a banan though..and you know I'd use you ;)

hmmm depends SATallGuy...what do you want me to explore with?

hmmmm I could keep it next time and send it to you lol ;)

You are welcome polysexminoh

Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing this. Enjoy your sexuality and your body!

No....didn't serve it as salad later....<br />
<br />
English cucumber

Thank you!

Hmmmmm would love to watch you playing with any toy...especially the cucumber!