Cucumber ..... Banana ..... Carrot

I ********** on web cam for an older man, have done since i was a young teenager. he once ordered me to go to the kitchen and bring through any fruit or veg suitable for stretching my tight ***** and *** holes. i was made to bend over in front of the camera and **** my *** with a cucumber for him to watch, i was ordered to finger **** my ***** and rub my swollen **** at the same time until i came. it felt so intense i squirted all over my fingers, i was then to force the cucumber in my **** to get covered in my juice and *** then lick it off for him.

this continued a few times with various other fruits such as a banana and a carrot. i've also used a long thick candle, the handle of my hairbrush and a deoderant can, all with the same results.

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You're such a good girl... or should I say bad girl? Either way, gotta love ya...

I hope you got as much pleasure out of it as you gave.

I have used them too but even in my *** you can't beat a hot big **** pumping away and filing you with a load of hot sweet *** !

Sounds mighty!! Love you to cam with me too -)

That was 4 years ago, what do you like now!

I love fruit and other things in my ***

Any food that You could put inside your ***** goes into my salad. Especially those pieces or chunks with your delicious juices dripping on them.

That is so sexy will you ever do that for me?
My **** is ready to **** you if the banana is busy

i love to do it too using all those in my *** and showing to girls :-)

I'm an older horny Irishman. Wish you would cam for me. So horny right now. Need some relief really soon. xxx

Try a big size corn

Excellent!! I like playing the game guess what's in your ***** where I put fruits and veggies in a girls ***** and she has to guess what it is.

next time record the event and show us on Yuvutu or another rude website - it sounds horny as hell

MMMMMMMMMM i would love to eat your fruit sweet heart.

Yeah! I used to watch my ex wife fingering herself and using various ob<x>jects all the time. Fruit, veg, salami sausages, bottles, you name it. Plastic and rubber sex toys like vibrators used to dry her up but organic things or glass didn't. Which was fine with me as it always turns me on a lot more when it's an ordinary ob<x>ject of some kind that is not actually designed for the purpose. I's more taboo, much naughtier, and therefore much more exciting, somehow. I agree with the comment about trying an egg plant, I watched my wife ramming one up herself many times, I think it was probably my favourite. Although cucumbers, bananas, salamis, bottles and everything else works for me as well. I also have to say that I think you are a very naughty girl in need of a good old-fashioned spanking.

I also used deodorant bottle to make show for old man

Hmmmmm, great story. I need a girl like you

Excellent story! I have plenty more interesting tasks for you if you are willing and obedient enough to play together. Email me or text me and let's start playing!

you would do it for me ?

Now THAT is super hot! thanks for sharing

I wouldn't mind helping you while you are tied up spreadeagled on the bed.

next time try an eggplant

Oh, so you need a man to give you instructions.<br />
How nice to know we men still have a role to play in this new world.