Did It Once, So Awesome, I Recommend It!

I was so scared to try it, but I was with 3 other friends who had picked up 4 legit pure LSD tabs, and I was kinda just pushed into it. I was so nervous, but it was too late, I had already swallowed it. We walked down the Santa Ana Riverbed until we found the coolest park I have ever seen. Surrounded by NOTHING but tall trees swaying in the wind, and a fresh green grass field that stretch for what seemed like ever. We made 'home-base' but throwing down some blankets, paints, canvases, ipods, water bottles, fruit and eachother. We sat and sat, layed down, and nothing was happening. Then all of a sudden a GIANT WWII fighter plane SERIOUSLY flew RIGHT over us! No Joke! We all turned to our babysitter and she said 'yes, that was real.' We then all looked at eachother and just LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED. And there it was. Simplicity. Like being a kid again. My skin looked like it was falling off of my hand. Paint would wiggle up and down the canvases. Then, music came. Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, 'The Great Gig in the Sky' was the first song I heard on acid. BEAUTIFUL. The trees would sway and make faces to the lovely music, happy faces, and the best part, the bigger I smiled, the bigger they would smile! I even took pictures of them, but the next day when I looked at them, they were just crappy pictures of trees haha. Lasted 12 hours, 12 hours of pure joy. No bad trip at all. Life was so AWESOME after that. Then I did ecstacy a week later and it killed my good vibe. Still, it was one of the best experiences of my entire life, and you'll NEVER know what acid is or what it does to you unless you try it.

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its my favorite drug, but you must be careful, and the trip can be good or bad depending on your mindset. I DO NOT RECOMMEND getting "pushed" into a drug of this caliber, as your state of comfort and security are your only defenses against a bad trip. Ive had some bad trips, and its NOT WORTH it. Do as you do, but only through your choices.

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