The Benefits Of An Opened Mind

In my younger student days I dropped acid - around 4 times in total and also partook of magic mushrooms from time to time too.  Like they say (or at least they did then) your first trip is the best one and I concur.


I became a bit interested in halucinogens not just to get a buzz and see weird stuff but to explore some of the more philosophical and metaphysical aspects of it.

I have to say Timothy Leary (fated as one of the gurus of drug and hippie culture) single handedly did more to damage proper research into a very interesting area of pharmacology that - to this day has not been explored.  He allowed his ego to get in the way of proper research.  The whole subject matter of drug induced religious experiences is a fascinating one which, from a social anthropological perspective has and will exist in most cultures - from peyote cacti, frog licking, fly agaric (the mushrooms witches used to consume to think they could fly), soma (from Vedic writings) all point to such drugs being used as sacraments in worship. 


LSD and suchlike can be dangerous - I know a guy whose brother stabbed his dad before jumping out a window when he had a bad trip.  However there have been many instances in the arts and even in hard science where the unconstrained thinking during hallucination has given insight and facilitated creativity.

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Feb 17, 2010