Bad Trip

I tried it when I was about 22.  I used to be curious about it because my first love used to trip on it.  He would watch "Yellow Submarine"  and stuff like that, and it seemed harmless.  My friends from cosmetology school and I got together at my place and ate these little pieces of paper.  I took two by mistake.

At first, the wall seemed to be plaid.  One friend kept bending a comb back and forth until it broke.  I said,  "How could you!  I loved that comb!"  Things such as this seemed hilarious.  They put on music that began to freak me out.  It was U2.  The song "Mysterious Ways" seemed very sinister to me.  I got out some mindless pop music and put it on instead.  No one liked that!

One friend that came over was this guy I knew from college.  He had warned me about LSD.  He had said that if you were under stress, it could be bad. Well, he was right.  I began to hallucinate that I was drowning.  He, the only straight person there, looked after me.  The other people left to go clubbing.  He held me in my bed.  (I later fancied I was in love with him.  Too bad;  he was gay.  I would've been barking up the wrong tree!)  Then he took me out for Mexican food.

I came down all right, but needless to say I never did it again.  That feeling of drowning was too terrifying.  I just didn't have the right mind set for this drug.  I doubt I ever will.  I really felt disappointed--what about the pretty colors?!  :)

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That guy isn't gay. It is probably a fake gay so he can get close to women. He held you in bed while you were tripping on acid? Uhhh...whose idea was that? His? You're a ******* idiot.

Ive read a lot about the trippy drugs. I have learned from your story. I will be experimenting with hallucinogens next week im in fact excited about bc its my first (and will be only) time doing so

I always do it with my guy, coz I know he's dependable. I once had an awful trip on MDMA and was in the mountains at a high altitude. Took it out of my system, the canyons came to me as if they will hit me again and again against their walls, I felt I was being battered. and the hot-cold flushes were the worst. I made it through..I thought I was going to almost die. I've never had the balls to do MDMA again. Done acid once, - all on experimental I know what I can handle , and what I can't . A bad trip , I agree is the scariest thing ever.

You're absolutely right, I should do it around safe people. But now I don't know any! I'm still curious about what it might feel like if it went the way other people say it can. I wouldn't want to go out while tripping, just watch a movie or something on TV.

That sounds like a really weird experience, and I'm not surprised you've never wanted to do it again after that. I did quite a lot of acid up until a couple of years ago when it became just about impossible to get hold of around here, and I never experienced anything even close to that. But then again, I never had any bad trips, so I've never experienced what they're like. Every time I've taken it I've been in a good happy mood, and would recommend that if you ever do try it again, you should make sure you're in a good mood and in the company of people you feel safe around. If you take acid under those circumstances, nothing should go wrong hopefully.