I Just Wish Someone Would Help Me

I am 26 years old and have suffered with UTIs for 8 years now. Heres my problem, I get 10 or so a year and not all of them are UTIs. I've gone to 4 doctors so far where I've had many tests done. Tests include blood tests, physical checks, CT Scans and Ultrasounds. I've been in bed for the past 3 days and finally got into the doctors today. My urine came back negative for bacteria, and had to beg for a prescription because of how much pain I am in. My doctors have just given up and now they are refusing to give me any more prescriptions if I go back. I finally got an RX (which I will be on for my birthday next week) for cipro and pyridium. Another thing that severely gets in the way is that I have absolutely no health insurance because I lost my job. Has anyone else had anything along these lines? I'm at a dead end and I dont know what to do. Can anyone think of anything I can do? Please help.
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I want to peat what CarolinaNL said. Interstitial cystitis has many of the same symptoms as uti. There is a list of "approved" foods.
I had the benefit of a brilliant urologist who diagnosed me. He confirmed it with a cystoscopy, a not inexpensive procedure. I was on the prescribed diet for 2 years. The diet could almost be "if it tastes good, you can't eat it". not quite, but essentially all nuts except cashews, all citrus, fruits, all carbonated beverages, off limits. Prelief is a good acid-neutralizer that I used.

Read about "interstitial cystitis". Eat only the "allowed" foods and if you feel wonderful, then you know you have this. Take Prelief pills and this might be your simple cure and you can eat and drink everything. I had UTIs for 6 years and had to find this out on my own. Doctors don't want to help, I simply cannot believe urologists don't know this.