My Problem

So as you all should know by now, i have an urinal tract infection. It began when i started the fifth grade i believe, every day i needed to use the ladies room. I was so incredibly ignorant to use the public school restroom, I really just thought they were nasty. Although i was able to hold it everyday. (because I remember NEVER wetting myself during middle or grade school) One day though, when i was in the seventh grade, I once again didn't use the school bathroom. And after school my parents were out on an anniversary vacation, so I went straight to my grandparents house after school. The urge to pee honestly wasn't all that bad, just what was ahead of me was frightening.

Their plumbing was entirely clogged. It was true for most on this part of the county. The lake was getting so thick that it started backing up the plumbing. The whole town was prepping some sort of outhouse for themselves. My grandpa was building us one, he was planning on it taking three to four days, they were fine with doing their business in buckets and outside, I however, am not that type of person. I thought I was going to be fine, I knew i wasn't going to get much sleep that night, but i just wasn't ready for what was about to come. I had to have been doing the most awkward pee pee dance in bed known to mankind. I was tossing and turning all night waiting for day. I demanded i go over to my aunts house, out of county and where they have some decent plumbing. I really almost didn't make it, I had held it in for over 10 hours. But this has come to my me in the back. During my high school sophomore year of high school, It came back to me. I had wetted myself at least three times, junior year: six. I was so humiliated, but my friends had symphothy for me. They understood that you can't always make it.

This kept up until senior year, where it got really bad. I finally decided to go to the hospital for it, see if something was wrong with me. They told me I've had UTI for approx. four years. When i heard it, my mind swooped back to that one night, of that grueling pain i faced. They suggested i wore adult diapers, but i was so embarrassed with that thought i passed it up. And oh did i regret that. My first two college years were the worst two years of my life, I don't need to go into details there. But after those two years, it got at least twice as worse. Now, in my thirties, one adopted child who I love, one husband who i love, but one terrifying problem I have to live with. I now wear incredibly expensive diapers. They are able to soak in the amount of liquid dealt with when a pregnant woman has her water break. At least that's what i go through three out of seven days a week. I have no muscles in my bladder to clinch when i really have to go. So in the middle of the night, I wake up, run to the bathroom to change out of my absolutely drenched diaper, and go back to sleep.

If your reading this, and you really do need to go, than go, no matter who's around, or where the nearest operational toilet is located. Don't run the risk that can potentially change your life, as impactfully as it did to me.
snappinfroggie snappinfroggie
31-35, F
May 12, 2012