Want It Bad

I have vagina envy and am proud of it, I would love to have a vagina and would do it in a heartbeat, then I would be able to be rid of my penis and finally be a woman permanently and would have no regrets about becoming a woman and will be si much more happier than ever.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I agree. I don't.... nor ever have I "hated" my penis or loathed it....I would just rather have a pretty vagina! I want a soft body and I want men to want me! I simply would rather have his penis inside of me than me having a penis!

I know what you mean, but my wife wouldn't be happy ... she likes the way I am, a womanly body except for that little birth defect between my legs. She loves that little difference and calls it my "super sized ****."