It bothers me that some people own hundred-dollar purses and a pair of shoes to match every outfit when there are children in the world who are starving. 

Personally, I think that money not spent on necessities should be donated to help end world hunger. 

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Mhm, so true.

I wish people would pay more attention to their religious texts. I don't like religions, but say if even half the "Christians" in the U.S. actually did what Jesus preached, the world would be a pretty awesome place. I think they just skip over the part about rich people going to hell at prayer group, and go shopping. For years I've heard that the pro-capitalist version of the bible has been coming out; they'd better hurry up with that.

You'll be hard pressed to find real compassion in the world. It seems like as people get older, they realize more and more things that slowly make them more cynical or uncaring. This is just my observation though.

I agree. Though, donating all money not spent on necessities may be too much to ask in the eyes of some people.

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I think half of the world's problems could be solved easily if people were just more compassionate.