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I am getting married in less then two weeks and my vertigo has came back. I have had vertigo for 7 years now and it comes and goes, but now i just need it to go. I am taking allergy meds and motion sickness pills and it is not helping. Does anyone know what else i can do so that i can be better on my big day! I had to move my bachelorette party twice cause i can not get out of bed i dont wanna miss out on all the happy times that i am going to have with my fience cause he leaves for the army 3 weeks after we are married!

bride2be1 bride2be1 22-25, F 2 Responses May 3, 2010

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Hello bride2be1,
I suffered from vertigo about a year ago. I was at work and picked up my bag, got up and started felling dizzy. It was so bad that i couldn't work and had to sit down. Went to the doctors and they were not helpful. The doctor prescribed my some antibiotics but i became sick after taking them. Try this book , they have these exercise which i followed every day for a week and i getting better. Also try not to do any sudden impact sports which could make it worse. Get better soon :)

Hello bride2be1,

I'm sorry to hear of your situation, especially so close to a day you want to feel your best, and that in itself can be difficult for those who dont experience vertigo.

Without going into a detailed explaination of why I have made the lifestyle changes I have in order to overcome the vertigo I had experienced since 2004, I will just go into what has worked for me over the years so that I am 99% free of vertigo now. I dont claim to be an expert but this is what has worked for me. Please make your own decisions about whether this feels right for you.

(1). Diet - eliminate all artificial foods including packaged foods, preservatives, colourings, flavourings, sugar, bread, pastries, fast foods and even limit natural sugars like fruit and eat plenty of fresh salads and vegetables.


(2). Meditate or do relaxation - stress is the no. 1 cause of most illnesses today

(3). Gentle Stretching is very good to eliminate physical stress

(4) This one is only recent and has made a significant improvement in my vision (which deteriorated since getting the vertigo) and has helped enormously with balance and perception.

Eye exercises - a program that I bought off the internet which you can trial for free to see if it works for you. Their website is -

There is so much more I could tell you, but I dont want you to feel overwhelmed.

For me it has been a radical lifestyle change.

If you would like any more info, please let me know. I would be happy to pass on any knowledge I have.

I am wishing you all the best and hope that you are feeling free and happy very soon.