Will It Ever Go Away?

I had "dizzy" spells for most of my adult life....I didn't really realise just how much they were affecting me, when you have something frequently you kind of think that its normal to feel such a way.I just felt pathetic...not having the confidence to learn to drive for instance because I cant judge the speed of traffic very well.

In recent years this has become true vertigo so bad I am spinning sometimes but usually it feels like I'm walking on mattresses ..or on board a ferry boat. Sometimes I fall over with it its so bad. Its so frustrating not being able to go out shopping or do normal stuff like going for a drink with friends...Ive had this episode for about 6 weeks now...it can go on for months.Even housework becomes difficult when head movements leave you feeling swimmy. Its seems to be some wierd form of migraine with me, but also permanent damage to the balance mechanism, of unknown origin.

I hate it.

Its wasting my life.

Update June 17th 2008

My demon is back, I haven't really been out because of it for weeks now. It's certainly messing up my plans of becoming stronger and more independent. I'm trying not to get depressed but right now I can't stop crying....I hope I can dredge up some inner strength from somewhere.

24th Nov 2008

Its now cost me my marriage......though apparently I'm just lazy and using it as an excuse.

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I get vertigo when I'm stressed or in a situation that's out of my control and I'm not coping well ... thankfully my experiences are temporary.

I still get that to a certain extent and take that as a warning to go easy on myself, and luckily the symptoms aren't as problematic these days and I can take them in my stride more. :-)

I've had vertigo for 6 years now, i can`t drive, house work is almost impossible, pegging washing is frightening my whole world has changed, going shopping i have to use a supermarket trolly, i have a shower chair I'm 53 and feel as if I'm 90. people don't understand. I feel as though i can,t control my feet as though i've been drinking life is almost unbearable. I've been to numerous doctors had many tests MRI you name it i've had it. I'm cooped up like a chicken. i need help with lots of things cooking meals, carrying things just about every thing. my husband has been patient but i can't help but think one day he will get sick of me. i get very depressed and have no one who understands. I know it sounds like oh poor me! but thats how i feel.

That sounds horrible.

I do understand rosemarytaylor....I hope your symptoms have subsided by now. Don't give up hope, I suffered for many years with this, yet I am way way better now and lead a fulfilling life at last. I'm no longer with my husband who was a major source of stress lol, if I feel myself slipping back I follow a diet which I know helps with the vestibular migraines and am gentle on myself and no longer fear the minor setbacks developing into a major episode like I once did.

wow i can't believe your husband broke off the marriage before of your illness. In my eyes, he is definitely not worth it. I've just recently been suffering vertigo and i know how you feel, it's horrible. I've found success using natural remedies, you should check out this book: www.cureforvertigo.net i found it really helpful. Try the exercises, it worked for me. Hope you get better :)

Yes, feeling dizzy is not fun. I've been diagnosed with vertigo for about 4 yrs now. First two years were terrible, no meds, just being told by doctors to figure out what I'm doing wrong, or what I'm eating that may be causing it. I had enough of the wrong answers, so I finally had it out with my doctor. I'm now trying some medication, and I've done those suggested exercises, but the exercise is scary itself cause you already know that dizzy feeling, and you don't want to do something to trigger it again. I'd lay on the bed with head dangling over the edge, turn my head to the right, tilt my head back, then slowly rotate my head so I feel the fluid in the inner ear moving with me, when I finally reach the left side, I slowly sat up, and voila, it's okay for a wee bit longer. The meds seem to be helping too. I hate taking pills, but if this stops the dizzy spells, I'll take it.
Wish some people out there would finally realize, it's not a joke, we are not just making this up. It's something we have to learn to live with.

I am so sorry to hear your struggles, the loss of your marriage. Just remember you are absolutely not lazy! I have had vertigo for the last five years and completely feel your pain. I don't understand the reasoning behind all this and haven't had questions answered but I know that stress can play a major factor. Just know that you are worth the fight. I don't know if this will ever go away either but keep your head up.

I have had vertigo for about eight weeks now. I have seen the ent doctor and now dealing with the neurologist. I see him next week. Every test I have had so far has come back negative. They seem to be thinking its viral. All the doctor's have told me it will go away and that I won't be like this. I have to wounder sometimes because I have good day and bad days. But, I haven't been driving for a month and can't go shopping. So, when I see the neurologist next week I have to see what his feed back is. Just know the dizzness is uncomfortable and the light headness is annoying. I just pray we all go back to ourself and that this isn't a thing for the rest of ourlife.

It's comforting to know I am not alone on this, sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. I didn't realize how many people suffer from vertigo symptoms. I do believe my anxiety makes it worst to the point where I just wanna stay home most of the time. It was good to read other peoples comments and get some feedback on what others experience.

Wow all of this is good to know!! I have had dizzyspells since I was 10. My dcotor first thought I was anemic or low iron. All the tests came back normal. I would get light headed and dizzy. I fainted once in church and once at work. Embarrassing yes but worst of all no hope as to why. Anyway yesterday my vertigo was extremely off. The room was spinning so bad it wouldn't stop. They sent me to emerg. I heard them say something about anxiety!! I have no issues other than a normal life day to day issues lol I wasn't freaking out. I for some reason had the room spinning out of no where and hyper ventilating. The doctor gave me meds and told be to lie down for 2 days. Thats great but will it come back?? if I stop taking the pills then what?? I have an appt with my family doctor and tell him that my last visit with him was indeed something to look into since he thought my dizziness was a virus!!!!!!!!!! Well its not!!!! I will definitely ask him about the vestibular migraines thank you for you information :)

I am sorry to hear of your struggles with the vertigo, and also how it has affected all facets of your life. I struggle with daily hemiplegic migraines, and get vertigo occasionally, but obviously not to the extent that you have experienced. I am happy to see that you have had some relief. Concerning your book recommendation for migraines, may I ask if the information in the book goes beyond what is readily available on the internet concerning common triggers?

Thanks for your comments coolgirl. Apparently this type of migraine is often misdiagnosed as anxiety!<br />
(It lets the docs of the hook by putting it onto the patient!lol)<br />
I am doing much much better since reading and FOLLOWING the advice given in "Heal your headache" by David Buchholz MD .... a neurologist specializing in migraine....Even if you don't have headache it an still be migraine. The diet isn't easy (but not THAT difficult) but neither is being dizzy all the time and for me this is a much better option. I really recommend anyone with long term dizzy problems to give it a go, especially if the dizziness impacts greatly on your life such as mine did.

Wow, I have had issues with dizziness/vertigo for most of my life as well. No one seems to know how to nail it dow. SI have had many tests, and it's been deemed allergies, or labrynth damage, or issues with my vision. But the only thing that has provided some relief for me, is taking an SNRI, in my case, Effexor. Apparently, my dizziness has been linked to anxiety. So, the anxiety is less, the dizziness is less. However, if I stop taking the meds, the dizziness is awful. Perhaps this could be something you try? I never felt anxious but apparently I was.

Thanks for your comments dizzypigg~ mine doesn't seem to be crystals. I'm trying so hard not to let it take my life, but as I am battling through yet another episode,(another 6 weeks or so of being housebound so far) the future is starting to look a bit bleak.<br />
I'm sorry you have this awful thing too...all we can do is try and keep looking for solutions, supporting one another and not get toooo despairing!!

There has to be a cure for this thing. I have read that once you knock the crystals back into the sacule, your body's fluids will dissolve them. I hear there is a tea that gets rid of the calcium carbonate in our bodies. Calcium carbonate settles in our joints, muscles and so on. It is the cause of Arthritis. It's like sand paper to the cartlidge in our bodies. It's ruining my life as well, there are day's I go in and out of being strong and wanting to die. This is no way to live, I am so sorry for your husbands lack of understanding this condition. So many people think it is not real, invisable disease. sometmes being compared to fibromyalgia! We can't let this happen, don't let it take your life. My heart goes out to you!

Thanks sableline....it's certainly a challenge!

My heart goes out to you lostbird,i had no idea that it could get so bad.I truly hope that it eases and leaves you soon. All my best sableline

Thank you so much for your comments carrollce......do the brain rehab exercises include vestibular rehab where you have to focus on something with vertical and horizontal lines while moving your head from side to side?<br />
I would be interested to hear of your progress as I too believe drugs aren't the permanent solution, and they become less effective when taken too much it seems.<br />
I think the triggers for me are complex.<br />
I have been much improved in recent months thank goodness though it has come back tonight along with severe fatigue and ataxia..... but I do have my suspicions on the triggers this time.

Lost bird: I have had vertigo for over 20 years! The same as you describe! I did the same process going to different types of doctors and no one could ever figure out what it was - until now! I found a chiropractic neurologist in Long Branch, NJ (www.dcneuro.net) who specializes in difficult vertigo cases. And since mine has been around for so long I think I fit that category. Anyway, the only think meds do is suppress the problem and not fix it. If you can find a doctor that will concentrate on brain rehab exercises and other non-invasive or drug based treatment then you will probably get better permanently! I just started with this doctor this past Monday and I am already much, much better than I have been in years. I am looking forward to a complete "cure" within a short time. Don't give up until you find an answer - there is one out there for you!!

Thanks for the comment....yes mine are partly vestibular migraines, partly a parathesis (sp??) of the balance mechanism. I finally got a diagnosis about a year ago~ and no you don't have to have the headache part...and it can be more or less continuous for months at a time! I have done the rehab exercises, though tend to forget these days. I sometimes go through "well patches" but it always comes back eventually, and once triggered is a devil to shake off..<br />
What meds are you on?

I have dizziness for about 2 1/2 yrs now. I know how awful it can be. I started going to see ENT docs first thinking it was my sinuses(pressure in my face, behind my eyes etc) when they didn't find anything Iwas referred to a neurologist. I had 2 MRI's, 3 CAT scans, an EEG, EMG and ENG(study for balance). After all of the testing they had just ruled out all of the bad stuff and were not quite sure what it was. It got so bad that I couldn't drive and my boss thought I should take some time off cause it was getting difficult to work(I am an ultrasonographer)and figure it out. I finally went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN to their Dizziness & Balance Disorders Center.I saw a neurologist that specializes in dizziness. He finally diagosed me with vestibular migraines. I hardly get headaches but he said you never have to have a headache to have vest. migraines and that you can can be dizzy everyday from this disorder. I am on a new med and did vestibular rehab(eye exercises) . Feeling better and hope it will just go away for good. Hope this helps-please comment back if you have any questions. Get well

yep, it use to be bouts of bad days. Then bouts of good days. Now I have maybe, if I'm lucky, 5 good days a month. I'm on SS Disability and have a hard time fixing food and laundry. As far as keeping my place clean, I've learned to be a perfectionist.

Do you have well phases and ill phases with that too?

I understand that with my fybro.

Thanks WarriorMom..... I have been more or less free for the last couple of months and feel that I always have to cram my life into these well patches, before the next episode kicks in.

I've heard of vertigo but had no idea how devastating it could be. I feel for you lostbird. I hope you'll find relief soon.

Thanks Peace ...yes I have heard of those movements...the Epley manouvre or something like that. Unfortunately I don't have the "right kind" to be treated that way....I think that's for BPPV?<br />
I do some (given) exercises for it to try and re-train my brain, but they are of limited value, as are the meds which I musn't overuse. I'm glad yours went away.......I live in hope! : )

Honey....my vertigo went away.<br />
It did.<br />
Had it for years and then it just stopped.<br />
Went thru all kinds of tests and they could not figure out what was causing it.<br />
Have you heard of those head rotation movements that some doctors do to cure vertigo?<br />
I have talked to several people who were cured with a few visits to have these movements done....<br />
I will be thinking the good thoughts for you.<br />

And I can only imagine what pain you must have to deal with....

wow, thats really awful. I've only had mine short periods and I can only imagine how tough it is.

Thanks ...I'm on meds but they only go so far. Yes allergy seems to be involved with mine too, as well as migraine and labyrinth damage

I feel for you. My best friend suffered from vertigo for many years. They finally found out it was an allergy that was causing it. But, watching her suffer with it for so long was heartbreaking. She sometimes would seem to just faint.I think she hurt herself more with the falls then anything else. I hope someday they can find a way to fix it.