Unwanted Attack

My bad old friend is back. I was in my Accounting class last night when I suddenly felt dizzy, saw bubbles from nowhere and there's some ringing in my ears too. Oh, i also had some chest pain. I don't know why. It's so awkward last night because I was the reason why our professor dismissed us early. It's shameful. But I really can't take the pain anymore last night. I threw up so hard that it made me hungry after. It's also frustrating that all the things I learned in the past to deal with it is not working. And now I'm confined in the hospital to be sure of everything But the doctor said that I'd be under it's torture for a week or two. But he also said that it can be for a month.. IS THAT TRUE? Oh geez! AND IT'S EXAM WEEK! WHATTA PERFECT TIMING FOR ME TO BE SUFFERING THIS!! Oh crap!! I can't study well because of the pain. It's really making me sad, disappointed, anxious, mad and weak. 
djulemei djulemei
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

How and what did you do to deal with this in the past? My daughter is 16 and this is her third time with vertigo.