I Hate Vertigo

I have had vertigo since mu senior year . It has been at least ten years. Recently, I was on vacation and was about to catch a flight back home when I got extremely dizzy. I was unable to see in front of me, I began vomiting. I knew it was vertigo. I never had this before. I hate it !!!! It has taken over my life, I have to always worry and wonder if I am going to get it !!! I had to miss my flight, my husband got a doctor to come to our hotel room and give me a shot and some meds. I am currently visiting with a Neurologist, I hope we will be able to find the reason and fix this !! I must admit, it feels good to know I am not alone.
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Your not alone carole. I suffer from vertigo aswell. I was at work and went to tie my shoelace and got back up and starting feeling dizzy. The dizziness didn't stop and i went to go see doctor. Doctor said i had some broken receptors in my ears which was causing me to lose my balance. I found that natural remedies worked the best. I went to this website www.cureforvertigo.net and followed the exercises and felt much better. You should give it a go. Hope you get better :)

I too have vertigo ant remember when I had my first spell but I know when I did I was so frightened that I was crying and I remember falling off my chair. I feel your pain. Vertigo is possibly the worst thing ever and it's taking over my life as well. Everywhere I go I'm so causious if I were to get it or not. I had a dizzy spell at school once it was so bad since I didn't hve a ride home I had to call my girlfriends mom to pick me up and go out of her way for me. Longest Ive had a spell was for about 4 days and worse it was during Christmas so it was awful my mom had to dress me at one point because I couldn't stand up. I have been reading latley on medication to take for it cause I had no idea there was any to take I just thought I would hve to toughen it out until it stopped. So I'm defiantly going to the store to get some medication. It sucks that I had to research myself instead of my doctor telling me she has told me nothing but the causes of it but no treatments.
What I do so calm myself and the dizziness down is to just relax and lay down and sometimes I end up falling asleep sometimes it goes away quickly.
All and all vertigo friggin sucks so much I just want it to go away and never come back.

I'm sorry to hear about your vertigo. I too suffer from this afflection. I have had three bouts with it over the past year. I am 56 yr old and have never had this before. Dr's do not seem to concerned with it tell me to force the issue and make myself dizzy with it in order to train myself on how to focus when I am having an attack. They even tell me that I might get nauseas but I cannot bring myself to do that. I do find that taking Meclizine helpd about 90%. I can at least get up and move around. It only last about 2-3 days and then it goes away. What I would like to know is why am I having these attacks now?<br />
They don't seem to be able to tell me that. I really feel for anyone who is suffering with this at an early young age because you have a life time to deal with it. My first attack was by far the worse and was so bad I couldn't get out of bed. The second attack actually happened while I was a sleep and dreaming and my brain just started to spin. I know if I keep my head level and move slowely I can still get around ok. I wish you all the best of luck with this and believe me you are not alone. Most of the people I know have had a bout of vertigo at one time or another.

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