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Never Had This Before...

My vertigo started approx one month ago. The room started spinning and I felt nauseous. It happened again exactly 2 weeks later. Since then, I have been feeling like I am in a constant state of being off balance. 2 doctors shrugged it off as nothing, and it would resolve itself. I am scheduled to see an ENT doctor, but not for another 2 weeks. Meclizine helps a little and only for a short time. Does something happen to a person after they turn 30 that we just start to fall apart; that's what it is starting to feel like. I've never experienced this before, and don't want to again.

Update August 3, 2011:

So I had some tests done at the ENT and found out it is BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) and surprise, there is nothing I can do about it.  At least I know now what is causing the vertigo and the daily dizziness.  
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Glad you got a diagnosis but does help at all? Reading peoples issues here help to understand but this constant feeling of dizziness and nausea and foggy brain can be so frustrating.did getting an answer help the feeling if helplessness

did they do canalith repositioning? If not, schedule with a physical therapist ASAP. the success rate of repositioning is around 90% first time. no needles, no surgery, just rolling in a sequence of positions on the exam table while the therapist controls your head. i really hope it resolved on its own.

hey there, i have vertigo too... i've had it for over 1 and 1/2 years now.... im only 13 and im really depressed... i face eye problems, dizziness, nuezia and migranes each day. i know how you feel 100%.<br />
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i take alot of medicine each day... last year i missed more than half the year of school due to this sickness. what ever you do, find a doctor that can give you advice... and trust me i still can't find one.. so i've given up and just searched on the internet... and i found WAY MORE!! i've had MRI scans and no signs of anything.... i know it's a VERY difficult situation, i still face it everyday... don't worry i cry everynight just like some other people... we're not alone. but im glad to know that there are other people in this world that know how it feels to suffer something so depresssing. My family have no idea what it's like and friends aswell... i don't know anyone in my life with the same problem... but at least i know now that there is over the internet :)<br />
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Therefore, i hope this problem resolves for you just as i do myself... but just remember you are not alone... don't worry... im here when ever you need to talk :)<br />
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Thanks for your comment. I saw an ENT doctor last week and he scheduled some tests for next week to see if it is an inner ear issue, which I am almost sure it is. If nothing happens on these tests, I think I am going to request an MRI if he doesn't get to it first. I'm sure nothing will show on the MRI, but one never knows. Part of my daily dizziness is from sinus and ear pressure, but I'm almost 100% sure the vertigo episodes are my ears. I have not experienced migranes, but the pressure in my sinuses causes headaches that I can't get rid of.

I hope you find a solution too. I can't imagine going through this for very much longer.


SAME HERE! i the only thing that showed up in the MRI was a sinus infection... although you're much older than i, who knows we could have the exact same problem... do you have any eye problems?

and same here.... having for more than a year has almost turned my looking into an emo... i feel so depressed about the whole thing and no one is there to help... but good luck i hope you have a better result than me ;)

How did you overcome vertigo? please reply asap. Thanks.

How did you overcome vertigo? Please reply asap.

Thanks for the post, my daughter is 16 and has vertigo, she thinks she is the only teenager in the world with this issue.

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I have Vertigo! I don't think age has anything to do with it. I am only 19, I am 7 months pregnant and my doctor told me I have Subjective Vertigo. I can hardly walk at times because I become so dizzy. I feel like I'm moving when I'm completely still. I also was prescribed Meclizine and I'm not sure if it's helping or not because I've only been taking it for a couple days. The only thing I notice the medication doing it making me extremely tired.

If I take more than 12.5 mg of meclizine, I will usually pass out for 3 hours, which is why I don't take it when I'm at work. Today I am almost back to normal, but it is a day by day thing lately. Yesterday was a bad day.