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I am suffering from vertigo since May. I have been going from doctor to doctor with no result. I was told yesterday  I may have positional vertigo. All tests came back ok, but I see no improvement despite the meds I am taking  (  I was prescribed Betaserc and an over the counter motion sickness medication).I feel like I am on a boat all the time,and my head is rocking back and forth. I can´t explain it any other way.
It is getting very difficult for me to lead a normal life.  All I want is to stay in bed and watch the world spin from a safe place.
Any ideas or suggestions  ??
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6 Responses Aug 17, 2011

I feel your pain have been suffering with it sense dec. of 2010. Ihavent quit spinning sense feb of11 . I have had test all coming back normal. been on meds but nothing helps. I cant get disability because no doc can pinpoint what it is. I cant walk staight, let along drive straight. But thats whati i do for a living is drive. My memory is poor now my hearing loss is real bad along with bad headachs. Have had that sense april of 2008. I will keep you in my prayers.

Have you tried the migraine diet, this was recommended by my ENT specialist after a series of tests led to a diagnosis of vertiginous migraine - no dairy, no caffeine, no chocolate, no red wine, no MSG, no citrus, no banana and no pineapple. I know it sounds limiting and soya milk in decaffinated tea is an acquired taste but there are lots of other food out there and I certainly don't starve (plus there is always champagne). <br />
They also advise adequate sleep, regular meals, no stress and no exessive excercise an I do seem to be worse when I have a lot of things going on in my life and if i am short on sleep.. <br />
If you are in the UK you can asked to be referred to an ENT Specialist<br />
In the US of A they call it Vestibular Migraine and also advise reducing salt in the diet and ensuring you drink enough water - i sometimes find that just drinking a large glass of water when a bout of vertigo starts, can help ward it off.<br />
I hope that this is of some help

hello i first experinced vertigo symtoms in july 2010,it lasted a year,i fought hard to rid this virus from my mind ,in the health food stores theres some pill called vetoligy..two bottles later,it worked.i found that stay away from air conditions and bright lights ,and grocery went away..good luck

I hear ya on the pain some doctors can be. Sometimes you'll luck out and get a really good one, and they can make all the difference. Has this gotten any better for you? I know with my hemiplegic migraines, it took a couple months for the treatment to even start having an effect, and it has gotten a bit better with each month. If it is migraine related, there are things you can start doing with journaling your daily meals to see if something stands out, and eliminating common migraine triggers. Is the dizziness constant? Does it ever go away? I do hope you can find a good neurologist..


Have you tried the Ginko or ginger? There are exercises too for positional vertigo. Any luck with that?