18 Months Of Vertigenous Migraine

Although I vaguely remember fleeting and momentary vertigenous sensations, and I bad bout of labyrinthitis 25years ago, symptoms really started about 18months ago.
I was referrd to ENT where after several tests were carried out, vertigenous migraine was diagnosed. I have been on a migraine ever since but despite being careful with the diet I had 3 bad episodes in 10 days last September while travelling. I had aroutine out patients appointment last week and reported that overall I was managing well. Unfortunately since then I have had a vertigo at least once a day every day for varying lengths of time. Part of the dietary regime was also advice not too get stressed, not get over tired, eat regularly and no excessive excercise (this does really apply to me!) and I think these are as important as the diet for me
ruthlovescrafts ruthlovescrafts
Mar 26, 2012