I just found out i have verdigo. And my dr said i can't travel for 3 weeks. Well i was suppost to go on a trip with my friend in two weeks, when i told her i coundn't go she got mad at me and her kid posted nasty stuff about me on face book. They don't understand what i'm going threw. All i want to do is sleep b/c i'm light headed ,my eyes r blurry and sometimes i can't walk a straight line. the dizzyness is now back to morrning and night but i feel like crap. Does it get better? Does it go away? How i'm i suppost to deal with this when everyone think's it all in my head? Please help me.
Basinger Basinger
31-35, F
1 Response May 3, 2012

Hi Basinger,
I'm a vertigo sufferer myself and I knows how it feels to be in your shoes. I was at work and went to tie my shoe lace and got back up and started feeling dizzy then i collapsed. That's the first time i had vertigo. I'm trying these exercises from this website and it's helping me with my vertigo. Every time i get vertigo (which is pretty rarely now) i lay down on my bed and do these special exercises. After around a week or so my symptoms subside. Hope you get better :)