Was Diagnosed For Vertigo

Tonight I saw a woman physiotherapist to find out if I have vertigo. She did a brief assessment on me. The week before I went to a male physiotherapist for my upper left arm. Two years ago, I had a minor injury where I almost fell down a flight of stairs. All I remember was walking up the stairs to a women's group I was attending that night. Then as I was climbing up the steps I fell, but it was like my knees gave out. I don't know which caused my dizziness the actual fall or before falling. I recall feeling stressed and anxious, because I had a fear of taking the stairs. There was an elevator, but it was closed. They closed it at five at night. I thought it was so stupid that they would close down the elevator especially when there were people needing to use it. I was sent to the emergency ward to see if I had suffered a heart attack or stroke. All the tests came back negative, but now I am having all these weird symptoms of dizziness and a feeling of the room spinning around me. I also have numbness and headaches. The only thing that seems to help is laying down. The woman physiotherapist suggested it could be my medications or my blood pressure. I need to see my family doctor to find out what I can do to treat my symptoms.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Hi Sara600,
I went to doctors and they diagnosed me with vertigo. It's was very sudden. Before i had vertigo, i had no idea what it was. Every time i turned my head quickly or get up off the couch i started felling dizzy. I searched the net and came across this website www.cureforvertigo.net and found it really helpful. I learnt all these different exercises to do and special foods to eat. You should give it a go, i followed the guide and never had any vertigo symptoms since.