Spinning Craziness

Vertigo for me has been really hard to deal with.  I feel like I am spinning and everything is turning and I feel like passing out.  My right side of my face turns numb.  Wow, I get scared.  I feel like I am going to drop over with a stroke.  Although I am not afraid to die or anything, I often think about my children growing up without a mom.

My dad died when I was young.  And that destroyed a big part of my life.

I pray I survive to raise them!

I don't care for this MS stuff!!!!!

Neveah Neveah
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I'm a vertigo sufferer myself and i completely know what you mean. I collapsed once a work, it was very embarrassing. I feel like i can't do anything. I've tried antibiotics and i always feel nauseous. I find i get the best results from doing vertigo exercises and making sure i eat right. This book was very helpful cureforvertigo.net

I understand how you feel. I have had severe vertigo as well. The room spins rapidly, and I faint. It is the most terrifying feeling I have ever had. I drink a lot of water, and take deep breaths, which seems to help. I hope you feel better soon. :)

I too live with vertigo everyday and ive been living with it for the past 10 years 24/7.<br />
I got mine after the birth of my twin boys and now my life(what life i have) revolves around the vertigo.I dont have a social life cause i cant go clubbin with it or even to shopping centres and sometimes driving becomes a struggle,its scary when i have the twins in my car and im sitting at traffic lights ready to pass out.<br />
No meds help me and ive seen tons of neuroglists over the past 10 years...i just learnt to live with it.<br />
Im now having to work 10 hours a week and its a struggle.<br />
I hope oneday i will wake up and be better again so i can get on with life .<br />
i would love to chat to anyone else who has this to share stories.<br />
thanks,<br />

I too have a dizziness issue- really STINKS! I have been dealing with it for 3 years now and was just put on a new med I can only hope this one works!! Get well everyone!

ya, i know! Thanx! I also get ear trouble and its crazy!!!<br />
Feel bad for ya!!!

dizziness sucks!!!I have a inner ear disease!It is scary. If you ever want to chat p.m me...dizziblond

It IS very scary...but I've had it so many times now I've got used to it.....still hate it...it's still there now, gone all round my lips...

omy, that happened to me my whole right side of my face went totally numb! Out of all the symptoms I've had, that had to be the scariest because I felt like I was going to fall over and die of a stroke.

My right side of my face is going numb right now ....it's happened so much this week I'm getting sick of it!! I HATE that feeling of about to pass out too.....like I am going to fade away into nothingness, thank goodness that dosn't happen too often.