I have had vertigo for about 2 1/2 years now. Doctors still can't find the problem. It gets really hard to deal with sometimes. I have a 2 year old daughter, and I am in college full time. I was prescribed Meclizine, but it doesn't help. Sometimes I get really down because of this. It doesn't seem like anyone understands how serious and debilitating it can be.

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I know what your going through. i have had it sense dec of 2010 and non-stop sense feb of 2011. No help from doc frustrating i know.

I have Inner ear and had Vertigo, diet really makes a huge difference. I had huge weight loss, almost 20 lbs. I went online and did the excersizes and Vertigo went away, but went into anxiety. I do Yoga and meditate. I also take Shaklee Vitamins and their alfalfa and garlic and it seems to help. Stay off of caffeine and sugar and drink alot of water.

Mine comes on randomly and last about three days then just goes away. The bad part is I never know when its going to happen. I can go for months without an attack and then all of a sudden its back. Its very hard to plan your life when you never know when its going to appear again. Sometimes its mild and other times it is very severe. Sometimes I cannot even got to the bathroom without help.<br />
Meclizine does help a lot to sort of numb the sensation of the room spinning. I don't think I am as abilitating as otheres who have wrote on here and my heart goes out to you all. But it is bad enough that I know how you feel. You would just think that they could find a cure for this with the technology they have now days.

How did you overcome vertigo? Please reply asap. Thanks.

Wow! That's like me. First I tried that medicine and it made me more nauseous and dizzy. One time I tried xanax and clanazipane (anxiety drugs) and it made me more hyper and anxious. Weird.<br />
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I know it's so debilitating. But it's kind of fun when I'm hyper, but not really.<br />
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Does your vertigo ever go away? What triggers it? Stress? Or does it come on randomly.<br />
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I'm sorry. It's awful I know!

I have had vestibular neuronitis for 5yrs now. None of the medications they gave me worked. But I found Tebonin Egb 761 the is for tinitus and vertigo. It does help but does not get rid of the dizziness. You can find it in most chemists around the herbal section and vitamin section. Im not sure if it is in America.<br />
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I have heard the mayo clinic is very good in America. <br />
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I understand....it completely wrecks your life but you look normal, so people have no idea unless they have been through the same.<br><br />
Mine are vestibular migraines + some sort of permanent nerve damage to the inner ear. I take betahistine, and have just started low dose amytryptiline,(which is an anti-depressant at higher levels) to try and ward off the migraines.....like vestdizzy I have little or no headache, and symptoms that last 24/7 months on end. Diet seems to help, as well as trying to avoid stress.....which of course is ultra difficult as it causes it's own stress!

Hi...wow your story is so much like mine..a matter of fact identical.<br />
I seen ent doctors first for about a year and then it moved on to neurologists and then onto the mayo clinic...doctors were baffled.<br />
Mine gets worse with movement.I went to the mayo clinic here in Australia and done all the tests and they came up with the same diagnosis as you"vertibular migraine" I couldnt understand how i could have a migraine constant for many many years.<br />
I tried alot of medications but i seem to have bad side effects with almost everything so i didnt get to trial many for long.<br />
Ive had mine for 10 years now 24/7 ..i got depression as well so at the moment im on antidepressants but im also trialing sandimigran to see if that will help with the vertigo.<br />
Its tough being a single mum of 10yo twins dealing with vertigo.<br />
I hope we can talk more.

I have have had dizziness for about 2 1/2 years now also. I don't have actual vertigo(room spinning)mine is more dizziness related. It gets worse with motion. I started with ENT docs for the first year or so and moved on to a neurologist. He didn't know what it was either so I went to a neuro-otologist. He wasn't quite sure what category to put me in either. I finally went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN to there Dizziness and Balance Disorders Center. I saw a specialist that deals with dizziness and he diagnosed me with vestibular migraines! I went throught vestibular rehab and am on a new med. I also follow a special diet. Seems to be getting a little better. I never had headaches so the diagnosis was confusing but he said you never have to have headaches it have vest. migraines. Don't know if any of this helps you but I would like to hear some more about your symptoms. I know how awful it can be. The thing is you look the same on the outside but you are fighting this terrible feeling on the inside. Hope you have a good day!