I am feeling very alone and very stressed out with this new diagnosis of vertigo I have no idea if this is ever going to get better I don't know what they do next I don't know the treatment I'm completely in the dark and confused all I know is my world is spinning and im out of work and I don't see that I'll go back anytime soon and I am the only source of income I have no family anywhere near me I'm completely alone and scared I'm going to end up homeless because I can't go back to work I just need to know that someone out there has answers I'm only 32 years old I want my life back
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I have had vertigo for over 3 months now. Have visited numerous specialty physicians including a vertigo physical therapist but no progress as of yet. Perhaps you should contact a disability advocate to help you apply for state disability, which is what I have recently done. I have not work either and was looking forward to early retirement in just 3 years. I have been with the same company 22 years. Yes! It does suck because no one else knows exactly how we feel and what we experience daily. Look me up on Facebook. Tony Cappa

Google is your friend here. I know there are messages that offer temporary relief and exercises you can do to help in the long run.

Personally I take the non-drowsy dramamines for a few days straight and it helps after it builds up in your system. I also take one whenever I feel like I could have a dizzy episode.
Helps my mom, my aunt and I, so it might for you.


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