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I can't remember most of my dreams. Only if I have a nightmare, then i can usually  remember some images from it. I hate my nightmares they leave me shaken for the whole day.

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I only remember my nightmares, are you guys vets by any chance ?. There is help out there for vets and all you have to do is ask. You are not crazy or broken and the VA wants to help you so please if you are vets ask for what you deserve for fighting for our country.

Thanks MISTRESSROXY, I know our dreams are not random, so there has to be meaning in all of them. I know that it is nessasary to dream sometimes, but I was not enjoying what was going-on in my dreams, because they were reflecting those awful thoughts I was having..<br />
I was so depressed during the daytime that I was dying or being killed in my dreams, some of my friends were dying too, or being taken away, and i was failing to help them.. Over and over again. <br />
<br />
I just use EP, talking to friends all day, real understanding freinds.<br />
<br />
EP is the first site I have found for people like us! :)

I think nightmares are from worry in the sub conscious... did I spell that right?<br />
I used to worry a lot and have lots of nightmares... You have to realize that you are doing the best you can, and worry wont change anything. I currently have to drink wine to sleep, keep some kind of movie running all night to get rid of the teeth grinding. You might be able to try peaceful music?

I smoke pot partly to reduce the amount of or intensity of dreams I have.. pot tends to subdue my sleeping mind and prevent dreams being very visual abnd intense. I always use pot before going to bed.<br />
I recently stopped self-medicating with pot, and am now having a lot of dreams, but about what is on my mind now, which is luckily busy with thinking about friendship at the moment. :)

Me too, violent and helpless nightmares that leave me shaken.

I remeber only nightmares.. it's not often thanks god.<br />
But we should forget them as soon as possible. DOnt let nightmares affect our lifes. They are only bad dreams. Altough may come from our pasts. But past is past, we live for present days. For the future.