What Is My Mind Doin to Me??

sleeping, such an amazing time. I consider myself a pro at sleeping, I love it. My boyfriend tells me i do it too much..but who is he to talk.. he can got 3-4 days with out sleep, and then have to fource himself to do it once he convinces him self to do it- LOL- (he is an amazing man-but i guess that would be a whole different story!)

recently sleeping has become less of an enjoyment. I have been having really messed up dreams, I have always had crazy dreams. But the ones i have been havin have been more vivid and brutal. I am generally the one who is causing the pain. the other night it went to a whole new level. it seemed so real.

i do not remember anything from before,- i find myself in a small drak cold room i have this extream over whelming sence of hate and a bit lost in a state if anger. i hold a sharp metal object that is ridgid on both sides, i out of no where stab myself in the ankle repeatedly while laughing hystarically...

i do not remeber anything after that... i think i may have woken up but i am not exactly sure....


what would u think? where do i go for answers? and most importantlig is that a normal thing to dream??

caspelletier caspelletier
22-25, F
Feb 15, 2009