I Think I Cheated Today...Well In My Mind

I found myself with my face pressed against my front living room window earlier this morning. I was watching my new neighbor wash his car. Whimpers...He is gorgeous! Drools... He has waist-length dark brown dreads. He has green eyes. His cocoa brown skin was just glistening in the sun...looking like a tanned honey bun..Hmmm, I like honey buns. Drools...He has the psychique of a god. He has a chiseled, keen face with a set of cute, pink lips. He has a long tongue too, he stuck it out everytime he bended over to get more suds outta his bucket. Hmmmm.. His chest is broad and perfect. He has an 8pack instead of a typical 6pack. He only had on basketball shorts that sat right on his muscular hips. If he had just pulled them down a lil' lower...Whimpers...I don't think he was wearing underwear...Whimpers louder..I saw a hard, big lump. Quit teasing me!!! I noticed some sudsy water splashed on the front of his shorts....Whimpers...It got got harder and harder. I felt warmth in between my thighs. Freaky thoughts were swirling in my head..What I would do to him! I couldn't take it anymore and went and pounced on my bf while he was in the shower! LMMFAO!

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2 Responses Apr 16, 2011

Or maybe he's just fine as H3LL!