I Could See You There, Though My Eyes Were Closed.

I had a dream that I had died; I could somehow see myself laying in my coffin at my viewing. There were people sitting on both sides of the funeral parlor in chairs, waiting for the eulogy to start. I saw men, women, and children, though I could identify none of them by name. And then I saw you, M. B.B., walking down the aisle-way to my coffin, wearing that same black suit you always wore for sad occasions. You had a flower in your hang, and you were crying. You never cry; you aren't the crying type. Right as you got to my coffin, I awoke from the dream. For as short as the dream was, it was elaborate, and I am quite surprised I remembered it when I woke.
MissLefroy MissLefroy
18-21, F
Jun 3, 2011