Elaborate Dreamscapes & Stories

I tend to have long epic dreams , with proper storylines (though I often don't get to finish them) and a full special effect budget!


Even weirder, I have had several dreams that will occur in the same setting, however, the setting isn't based on anywhere that exists - for example, I've had several dreams that occur in a futuristic space station, I can even map out parts of it. When I dream about it again, I can recognise places & find my way around.

I'm never myself in these dreams - I've even switched character to someone I've met in the dream - for example, I dreamt I was a boy trying to escape a house with a vampire in, when I escaped, I was suddenly the vampire chasing the escaping boy.

Friends I've told my dreams to are always impressed by how film like they are, however, nobody else I know has dreams that match in length or scope - it could be that most are unable to remember their dreams that well or clearly.

So - is it that I have unusually dreams - or an unusually good memory for them? 

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I too have this. I have a dream world. For as long as I can remember. (I'm 29f)

The cities are a blend of places I've lived or been too. Fairly stable. Minor changes over time but overall always existing.

Besides also having a space station, I also have a cool underwater sea lab, an amusement park, a huge national park forest place, done big red canyon cave things.

This places exist in the same place. I know how to get to them. I feel like I could draw a map.

Also the character situation. Yes I play characters. Sometimes nultiple characters. I'm not sure if I have the same dream repeatedly in a night as a different character so as to get multiple perspectives on the plot. Or if I am all of them at the same time. It's hard for me to tell for sure.

Sometimes I also lucid dream. When I become aware I Have to "tiptoe". If I exert too much control I will wake up. But if I lightly control it. I can do a lot.

I know exactly what you mean.<br />
I frequently have dreams that occur in the same place and they're very thought out. Movie-like.<br />
I like to write them down. They make good story plots<br />
haha :]