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June 28, 2009


I'm sorry this dream is so long, but I'd really appreciate comments on it!

Last night I dreamed. I was in some kind of aquarium, or possibly a museum. There was an
exhibit based upon the earth's crust, it had many samples of rocks, as well as interactive holograms.
I was with a small group of people who I did not know. I sat down for a while, but soon after
I got up and entered another room. This one had a large pool with smallish rocks that acted
as a path going through it. In the pool, there was a large fish, somewhat similar to a swordfish,
it had large, sharp teeth and elongated, wing-like fins. There was a staircase leading to the cieling
of the room, I went up it. Upon reaching the top I noticed three people following me, a man of
about 40 or 50, a young woman of about 20-25, and a small boy of around 5, they were in the same
family, and they told me that I had to come with them before the fish grows bold and begins to fly.
And just as it did, we walked out of the sliding glass doors that lined the wall of this room.

For a moment, I was in my own neighborhood, I had decided to get a haircut, and had shaved most of my
hair off, I had also left very short amounts of it that formed a swirling pattern.
For some reason my hair was green.

I was back in the museum, or rather just outside it, I realized that it was perched in the trees of
a jungle. The trees were gigantic and old, covered in thick and thin vines. Everything was in shades
of yellow, brown, and orange. Before I could catch up to them, the family nimbley climbed through
the trees and away from me. I noticed that there were many monkeys flitting in and out of view,
I followed one and it led me down, onto the ground where I found myself on a stone path. The path
was old and cracked, but doused in sunlight that filtered down, even through the thick forest leaves.

I was uneasy, for I felt as if some shadow followed me, something that darted from tree to tree,
eyes never leaving my back. As I followed the path, I found myself in a small town, it was seemingly
set in the past, with old fashioned clothing, and old houses. I came upon a shop that sold dresses,
and decided I should make something for myself. I ended up making a strange, blue and red dress.
I continued through the town and found a stone shute, that slid steeply back into the dense jungle.

I slid down it, back onto a whethered path, following it I could still feel the shadow at my back.
I came upon a lake, a boardwalk went across it, while another went across in a perpendiclular direction
forming a cross. A small monkey darted ahead of me, I knew it wanted me to follow it, so I did.
I came to the middle of the lake, and as I did I saw the shadow coming at me from the opposite side.
I could not yet quite make it out, but it seemed about 7 feet tall and covered in coarse fur.
I began to hear its laughter, high and loud as it ran towards me. I started to panic but the monkey
told me to "examine the four". I had no idea what it meant until I saw the four posts that held the
boardwalk out of the water, I saw that one had a button on it, that when pressed raised a portion of
the bridge forming a wall and making it impossible to cross. I lowered it again, ran across, and saw
that there was another button on the opposite side, allowing me to raise the bridge from that side.

As I noticed this, the thing started to cross the bridge, I raised the bridge making it lose its balance.
Its laughter stopped and it tumbled into the swampy lake below it, dissapearing into the muck.
I crossed the rest of the bridge along with the small monkey, it led me through the forest along
strange and twisting paths. Soon I found myself at a ladder, which the monkey immediatly climbed, motioning
for me to follow. As I climbed up, I saw that behind the ladder (which was made of old rotted rope) there
was a strange board. It was extremely large, and a deffenite pattern of square holes was made in it,
each about a foot on all sides. As I climbed the monkey shreiked and something stuck its head through one
of the holes. It resembled the laughing thing, though its neck was long, and head large, it cackled for a moment,
and began to speak to me, though what it said I don't recall. Then it stuck a long arm through one of the
windows and grasped at my leg, though I managed to escape it, it yelled out to me,

"You belong here! Don't you leave lest the laughing thing erases you!"

After which it dissapeared behind the old board. I made it to the top, and the monkey smiled, as it did,
the small boy, the young woman, and the middle aged man appeared, before I could say anything to them, they
dissapeared once more. I was on a platform, it was made of aged wood, many ropes hung down, there were
nets, and ladders as well. And a boardwalk that stretched out to the next of these platforms, I felt so
at home here, I wished I could stay there, but whatever lucidity my mind retained knew that I would soon leave.

I woke up.

Angrygirlsilentboy Angrygirlsilentboy
18-21, T
Jun 28, 2009