Erotica, Or Imagination?

OK, straight out, I dream of sex often. Erotic, wild crazy stuff.
I often wake up very aroused. My dreams are so vivid that a few times I have actually looked in my bed to see where she went. Ahhhh, no one there, alone again!

I think my blanket takes a beating! lol

My last erotic dream was about me working at a new job.
My boss was a woman, very stern but pretty. A real professional.
She takes me on a tour of the plant. the first room is a Laboratory. There are four woman working there, they all seem very happy to meet me. One explains that they usually have special lunches for the new guys and I should come back at lunch time. My boss tells me she will remind me later.

So we visit a few more rooms. The workers all seem to be in some sort of undress. No men, just woman, and most are topless. They all greet me with big hugs and I am struggling with a growing tightness in my pants. My boss then tells me we need to get moving, my orientation presentation starts soon.

Off we go, to a large room with a Movie theater type screen on one wall.
My boss tells me to take a seat, get comfortable, and she will retrieve me at lunch time.

The orientation is attended by me, and three young ladies. We sit and start a conversation.
"This is such a strange place!" the woman on my left says.
"I know, right!" says a little blond woman.
The tall brunette then proclaims, "This place makes me so damn horny!"

I giggle a bit and proclaim, "Got that right, I can't believe were going to get paid for this!"

The movie starts and it is about the company, how they make money, etc. Boring stuff!

When the movie ends and the lights go back on, I see two of the woman are nude and getting to know each other very well. The petite blond looks at me and proclaims, "I want you to lick my P****!" Soon I am staring up at her nude body as she lowers herself to my face!
This goes on until all three woman have their way with me.

Then my boss returns.
She is now wearing a white see thru blouse, no bra and a short leather mini skirt with four inch stiletto's.
"You better grab your clothes, were late for lunch!"
She takes my hand and pulls me toward her and kisses me. I feel her hand groping my still hard manhood.
We then head to the Lab.

As we enter the Lab, I notice the lab. benches are now 4 beds and each one is occupied by a very naked lady. They are all very beautiful, but all different sizes and color, etc.
My boss leads me to the first bed. "This is Jessica, she is an expert in sexual positions. She will show you her flexibility!" As I climb onto the bed, and reach for Jessica, she moves away.
"Is this your first time?" She ask me as she hands me a bowl of fruit, and a bottle of water.
As I gaze at her ample breast, I am taken by her sexy skin. It seems to glow with a very soft, almost creamy texture. I put down the fruit and again try to embrace her. This time she puts her feet up on my shoulders, one on the right side and one on the left side of my head. I am now staring at a very shave vagina.
She tells me I had better eat well, or I would get hungry later.
She then hands me the fruit bowl again.

I wake up at this point, very frustrated, and wanting some fresh fruit! lol
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Oh....... I wish I was there

hmmm Something went wrong with our experiment. You weren't supposed to remember this in your dream, it was supposed to come to you during the day so that you may experience this with full awareness. We also implanted a tiny GPS system so you would easily find your way back to us. Must have been that blonde lab technician. She just doesn't seem to get that she isn't supposed to implant the microchips in parts of the body that are constantly manipulated as the chips tend to short circuit when roughly handled. We're always having to redo what the blonde attempts. Sorry for the inconvenience Mr. Warrior. Would you be available to come in again and I'll handle you personally this time?

Reporting for duty! LoL.

That's wonderful Mr. Warrior, thank you for the second opportunity. This time we can use a microchip to simulate any food group of your choice. What would you like to eat in your waking fantasy Mr. Warrior, and would 4 pm be convenient for you?

4 pm seems like an agreeable time. Now maybe we should stick to the fruit food group. Seems they have microchips for everything these days?

See you at 4 Mr. Warrior and, as you wish, we'll keep you with pears and plums.

Seems I have a treat in store! lol

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WOW, I want to work there....

hey I want some of what you are taking to get these dreams..except they need to be tall, dark and handsome..