Surprised To Find Out I Have Low T

On a whim, I asked my Primary Care Doc to check my T levels during routine bloodwork. I was very surprised when results came back in the low 200's!

I'm 32, and I've been feeling the symptoms of low-t for a few years now. Lately I've been feeling lethargic and apathetic. Before, when playing football, I'm always the 2nd person to get into a scuffle (I never start a fight, but will always escalate), and now I find myself breaking them up or talking hotheads down. I used to be an avid video-gamer, and now I'm not even excited about the release of long awaited games. My wife bought me an xBox 360 for Christmas, and I didn't even bother hooking it up until February, because all those wires seem so complicated. When I was 25, I would've hooked it up Christmas morning, and not sleep until New Years.

My libido is still pretty high (********** 2 times a day), and have adequate muscle development (here's pictures of me before HRT: The only person who knows about my low-T, aside from my wife and primary care Doc, is my sports medicine Doc, who was as surprised as I am, due to my habit of injuring myself from going too hard at the gym or on the field.

So, now I'm on 1 cc every other week. 4 weeks into my treatment, had 2 shots already, and due for my 3rd tomorrow. I'm feeling more confident, energetic, and motivated. I feel stronger, and my muscle development has definitely increased, the proof being the web of stretch marks ACROSS my biceps (they're usually at the ends of muscles, rarely across the muscle itself). I can literally feel my skin stretch when flexing, like it's spandex.

The only drawback is the $40 per shot price tag. At $1000 a year, it's a pretty steep price, especially knowing that juicers inject themselves with my 2 month's dose every DAY, and they only pay $40 a day.
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What about TRT? I heard a lot of people using injections or special medication, i dunno if it works or not but it is said that it's fine all the way.

Get multiple use vials. It's much cheaper.

I think this is probably what my husband is suffering from. He, however, is 49, smokes at least a pack a day, and doesn't eat very healthy. I am a nurse, and have talked gently with him about this (not nagging), but he is set in his ways. I read your post in another group and was impressed that a young man thinks the way you do. NOT everything is about sex, I agree; but it is important and even necessary. Myself, I was married for 15 years the first time to a man who decided he was gay. Needless to say, dealing with a decreased interest in sex from my current husband has me guessing at times if its me, although I have been reassured that I am an attractive woman. Even though he is my second husband, I am very attached to my step sons and my step grand-daughter; and the thought of losing them if I leave is what keeps me keeping on.

Well, at 49, I'm sure his T level is much lower than in his younger days. Poor diet and health habit doesn't help either. I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated, and just attributed that to being fat and lazy. I know my diet isn't very good, but somehow my bp is 100/70, my cholesterol is ~150, and the only 2 abnormal results from health screens is low-T and high triglycerides.

You have more issues going on in your relationship that just Low T.
Also, if you fix the meals in your household, or, you do the shopping, you can influence a lot of what he consumes and how healthy he's eating. Stop buying the junk fook, slowly at first, and start making more healthy snacks. Lay them out for munching more.. or make a game of it. ("Hey honey, come have some carrot sticks with me, and then we'll see if it helps you 'stick it to me more.' " You know...)

Hope everything works out. Gee, married to a nurse with the possibility of creating nurse-fantasy sex, and he's still not interested?

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