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I Love My Perky Nipples

What isn't there to love if you have perky nipples. Perky nipples never let you down. The minute I take off my bra, my perky nipples are there standing at attention. Take your braless breast out for a night on the town without a bra, your perky nipples will be there jutting through the fabric of your top letting the world know they are there and having a good time. Perky nipples are at their best when someone give then attention, and they get even more Perk when they are pulled and suck on.
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Oh baby, bring me them perky nipples and let me suckle and nibble on them for a few hours.

Perky and proud of them and so you should be

Mmm, love to see those perky nipples jutting through the fabric of her top! :)

You got that exactly correct!

gotta love them ... plus I love to play with them toooo ;-)

I really would suggest to be more sporty and have a good life as you please since sensual women need to have fun and a pleasurable life and nothing wrong in enjoying your shapely pretty boobs

i agree

that discription left an incredible image in my mind.. thank you

i would love to assist with the perkiness. :)

I love Perky Nipples I'm big fan of them
can u add me as friend Evergreengirl

I gotta agree. Perky nipples are outstanding (pun intended).