Protruding Nipples

I'm not huge in the boob department, but my nipples are constantly hard and erect...and they are pretty big.

They stick out nearly 3/4 of an inch - all the time.

I love to go out wearing a tight t-shirt...white....while men (and some women) stare at them....I get more free drinks that way!

Won a contest once at a radio show for how many wire hangers I could hold on my nipples.....LOL...

Ally77 Ally77 31-35, F 69 Responses Feb 5, 2010

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Add me I want to pinch I mean see them. :P

Sounds great. Could I see some pics? I'd love that...

you probably cannot beleive my fantasy. butvthat is what it is. i am a very quiet fellow. i wish and hope you are near me, but probably not. 1-304-265-4173

I joined EP to talk to chicks like you. I want to show my wife that she is not alone. She to has always had very perky Brest. And don't mind showing them off for me. Do you ever where literally see through tops out in public? She dose and I get so turned on by the response she gets from other men. You got any good story about that?

Judging by your avatar, your nipples look great! :-)

I have large, protuding nipples too. I am petite. Mine are bigger than most people I know. I recently had a bigger boobies to go with bigger nipples..32A to B/C However I feel that my husband does not like my nip & does not show any interest in them. I am beautiful and sexy. Are they too big to turn him off.

32's your Damn Near Flat Cheasted

Ally,<br />
I have to say large breasts are not what the majority of men are looking for on (in) a woman. ;-{) They talk or comment on them as thou they may, they don't admit to the truth of the matter. I have enjoyed companionship with women from less than I had to Double D's. What does matter, is the women enjoy what they have! If a man knows what to do with them, Everyone will have a good time!<br />

Hi they sound awesome i bet they feel good on the tough when being licked would luv to see them

small breast with large nipples are lovely to look at all day

I hope you live in Atlanta. We are destined to be together.

wow! May I see them?

love to see a pic of 10 of them beautiful..

Wow Ally, very sexy pic, and such confidence, I am too shy to even wear a bikini, hope to someday have your level of confidence.

Now that is a funny many hangers????

That is such an awesome profile picture, your are such a beautiful model.

I don't know why guys have an obsession with big ****. For me, small perky ones with no bra are so much better, especially if you have big nipples. I love your profile pic, that's just the thing to get my attention! I always tell my fiance to lose the bra, but she's never keen.<br />
"Braless is the new cleavage!"

Sure hope that any contests are fully documented by photos on this site ! I DO loves me protruding nipples, on ANY cup size. Perky glass-cutters, puffies -- whatever...

Do be a many hangers were you able to put on your nipples? Ha Ha

On the first page of this thread:

It was 10....kinda - the hooked two into the 8 other ones from took a while, and I was topless in the studio for a good hour.

You look so hot in your profile pic, almost naked and outside too. i can feel the rush you must have felt standing there. I would love to see more of that sexy little body of yours.

i like that type of niips dear

3/4 of an inch that is impressive! Would love to see pic of you balancing the hangers on them.

Would love to see some pictures, sounds incredible

Well Ally, you have magnificent boobs, smaller=better to fondle, and nice long hard nipples=more for the tongue, teeth, & mouth!

I absolutely adore your avatar picture. I have never been a fan of a big chest. I do adore perfectly formed mounds of joy and your perky nipples are such a delightful cherry on top,<br />
Your picture has such a raw sexuality about it, wonderful.

Tom - her nipples sound like mine....a good nipple sucker/biter can make me have a mini-******.

I love nipples, I have spent hours loving my ex- wives. Hers were super sensitive and she would sometimes have mini ******* just from nipple stimulation.

I love nipples, I have spent hours loving my ex- wives. Hers were super sensitive and she would sometimes have mini ******* just from nipple stimulation.

I love reaching around , while doing my wife from behind , and fondeling her erect nipples. What a turn on. Wold love to be friends to see more!

I am a butt man myself. love looking at bare bottoms, as for breasts the best thing about them are there variety. I was balling a girl whose breasts were a good size but her nipples were so tiny they looked like a babies. It was as if they had not grown since birth. Another girl I was with had a gorgous body but small,flat breasts. Her nipples however judded out like the ends of her pinky fingers. they were very suckable. I enjoyed both those girls.

I think I need to see them to make sure.. mmmmmmmmmm