My Teachers Sexy Feet

When I was in grd 5 I had a sexy teacher named Ashley gonca**** but it wasn't until I got to grd 8 eight that I like her I had a foot fetish and a abnormally large penis 11 inch. One day my teacher told us we were gonna trace eachothers feet when she asked who would trace hers I was the first when to raise my hand ( and not to mention the only one) her feet smelled wich instantly made me hard I took one foot on the paper and she placed the other on my hard crotch. She asked if the smell bothered me I said no and she asked me why I was so hard I told her that I liked her feet she was horny I could tell from the wet spot growing biger on her white pants she told me if I was going out for lunch i said yes. At lunch I was walking to a pizza store when she pulled over beside me she told me to get in and I did she took me to get house wich was less than a minute away she told me if I like her feet enough to lick them I said yes so she used me as her foot slave I licked and kicked she gave me footjobs A LOT she. One day during recess I was in class for detintaion when she and another teacher came out naked the other one was ms pina she put her feet on my face and told me to lik so I did
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Wow this inspired me to get an erection around my teacher when her feet is out. Maybe ill get a chance to have multiple footjobs