HOT Hot Feet

My feet are s-e-x-y. They are long and slim with nice long toes and soft skin.




fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 42 Responses May 15, 2008

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Need to play footsy here

Rubs your feet with lotion.

The last time I heard a girl say she had "HOT Hot Feet," she was bouncing from foot to foot on the scorching sand! Do you need someone to cool them off? ;)

Hi... i'm a foot fetish boy... i like see feet and jerk off on web-cam chat... i want meetig girl who show me her feet and play with me... thank you
Skype: mariomarrr ( Mario Marrr )

This would need some pictures to prove your assertions...

Your description of your feet was so well phrased that it caught my eyes. Reading them does arouse my curiosity. Wish we can be friends to understand you better.


oh coool i am intrusted in your jucy feet

Stalkers ruined it.


LOL I took all my personal pix down Pamper.

Had to take it down? What, too many foot fetishists drooling over your pretty toes? Please indulge us with a re-post...

I may post a pic of my feet, and I used to have a great one posted here but i had to take it down.

That's nice that your feels are sexy. My feels isn't sexy. Oh well.

:) maybe if you are very nice to me.

The anticipation is unbearable. Can I please have a look?

Can't believe it took me so long to find this thread! Pretty feet is what I live for... You just made my day!

hi fungirlmmm. do you still use your toes to pick stuff up?

:) me too

I love long toes

You want to see my feet?

hello i am new to this but think you seem nice and was hopeing you would like to show me ur feet x

Men are always commenting on my calves and legs when I wear skirts so I would say always.

When did you realize the power your feet had on a man or woman;-)

Yes they are... Mine are in a picture in a profile btw.

feet are yummy

Thanks cinfullynn.... I think my love of my feet comes from the time that I was severely obese. I couldn't find clothes that fit however I could find extremely sexy shoes and I started spending immense amounts of money on my feet.

I never thought of feet as sexy til i have had men tell me how into feet and toes they are so rock on fungirl..... yours sound very pretty.

Will do NIV. I will be in my sandals at the en of this month and be able to post more.