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I have to admit, i like to have sexy feet. I love seeing women with sexy feet, its a turn on. I like to keep my nails painted nicely and moisturise all the time.

I also like to use them when 'in the bedroom' so i have to make sure they look nice.

IntoxicatedDesire IntoxicatedDesire
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5 Responses Jun 2, 2008

women with nice feet are really sexy. <br />
Girls, if your feet look good you'll get any guy to give you a foot massage

I love thongs in summer! I live in them! Change my nail polish colour every week! Emeral i am so sorry you feel that way. I bet they are sexy! Although i am with you on the sucking thing, i'm too ticklish i'd break someones face....

Pretty feet are a major turn on for me. I have been an admirer of pretty feet for as long as I can remember. Thats one reason I like warm weather so much. All the women in their sexy flip flops. Yummy !!

Well... I'm overall jealous of EVERYONE in here! First, my feet look like my Creator threw clay at the bottom of my legs and said: There you go... feet!<br />
And toe sucking. I'm so sensitive... it ends up tickling! I busted a guy's mouth with my foot from jumping so hard when he suckled my toe!! :O

PartyTested must be double jointed ... Ha Ha ... I have sucked on my lady's toes ... ummmmm ... what a turn on for her ...