My Teacher's Slave. That's Me!

I am anirudh of 14 yrs i had a fetish on my teacher is a beautiful girl,she is 28 yrs.she is smart indeed.her name is sangeetha.i sit in the first bench and usually stare at her day she was giving the test papers and she told me that you got the lowest mark. she asked me to sit next to the desk she was sitiing.i went on and sat there.she was tired after teaching for a long time.and sat in the chair.the bell rang and all students went to their home.she was almost going to sleep.i let her.then she crossed her leg as her left heels touched my body.i was scared wat to do.i touched her feet with my hands. and went closer as other feet touched me.i did.i was going to kiss her a was noise heard i came back .she got up.she asked me wat wer you doing here?go to your home now...and write 10 times these questions and answers..and meet me at the staff room.i told ok. i never touched her feet it was like a dream she must have not known it i thought..the next day she called me to her room .she was keeping her legs on top of the bench.when i entered the room. as i came closer she asked me to take a seat the seat was facing her feet .i sat then she asked whether u did wat i said.i replied no mam..she was angry with me.she scolded you always never do wat i say now finish it fast. dont you move from here.i finished wat she said but i dint tell her i did because she was keeping her feet infront of my face a 8 m away but still.after an hour she told me ur mom has gone to a meeting she wont be able to pick u up so she told u to be with me for this 2 days.i felt dam happy to hear tat. she told we ll go to home and il take rest .my legs are paining.she told

i hoped in her car it was very luxurious.she made me to me to sit in the back seat.ok miss i told.we were at her home.she told me to refresh and take lunch.she went to bed it was single cot.there was a double cot but she dint.she asked me to watch tv till i take rest.i was watching tv while her daughters arrived the were varada nd pavitra i love pavitra but she never thought like that.that day i was playing with them.i was starring at thier feet.they saw me and they aked me to get under the table.i asked why?for a present..wat else..pavitra replied..

guys there is different ending to this story find it out in my next post and find the answers for it.....
will the girls put me as a slave or is it ssomething else???
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Wat happened next

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<p>This sounds like a fantasy I had about one of my teachers, but for you it was real!</P>