My Strict Parents

I have strict parents and there's no arguing against that. I started to realize that when I was in 5th grade. All my friends asked me for my email and i said, well what's that? They were like everyone has one, you don't have one? And of course, i didnt have one because my parents' philosophy rather, my mom's philosophy was that, kids aren't suppose to have one until they were 18 years old. I'm 16 now and my mom still thinks that way. I have a cellphone but I'm not allowed to text or call anyone. It's been really hard these past few years. I'm not allowed to go anywhere with my friends and when I do which is barely, it's awkward for me to socialize. All of my friends are from school and none of them ive met outside of the school environment. Sometimes I feel bad for myself because this is only happenning to me and no one else understands the pain and frustration that I get from my parents. My parents never let me out of their sight and they don't let me go anywhere. Basically, all I have to look forward to is school. Once I'm done with school and I have to go to team practice, they will always tell me that I'm wasting time. My parents are really controlling and they always want it their way. When I get to say anything to say what's in my mind, I'm always turned down. Every aspect of my life at the moment is controlled from the way I have my hair, the friends I should have, to what I should do in my life. I am Asian but my parents are different. I'm Filipino and this explains a lot. I'm going to college soon and my parents want me to stay in the area. I don't want to do this I want to go away somewhere far. I can't have my parents controlling my life. It's affecting my friends, my boyfriend and my sisters. I am a 16 year old, Filipino girl and I have strict parents.
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I know how you're feeling. I also have two very strict parents. First of all, I'm not allowed to go out period. Second, I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend until I'm twenty one and my parents said I'm not allowed to get married until I'm 25. My dad is going to pick my college for me and he's going to "help" me choose my job. I'm sixteen and I just got my phone this yr and my parents won't let me call or text anyone besides them or my brother. I'm not allowed to watch anything above PG-13 and even then I have to have my parents consult. I'm not allowed to wear any makeup until I'm a senior. I love to read books but I'm not even allowed to read YA books! Like what the hell?! If anyone mentions the word "boyfriend" in front of them, they flip out, and I'm not allowed to go on social networking sites until I'm 18. Oh and my dad's coming to prom with me to watch over me!!!That's just some of the many many things my parents do that annoy me. I also noticed that my parents were stricter than most in the fifth grade. I once sat them down and told them how I felt and I got grounded for two and a half months. I eventually gave up on telling them how I feel. They'll never really understand because their parents were stricter so they think they're going easy on me. I feel like once I'm out of the house, if I disobey one of their rules, they'll disown me or something. At this point, I'm just waiting to leave the house. I know they care about me but sometimes it's too much.

I'm almost 18 (bday in july) and my parents control EVERY aspect of my life.

My parents are very strict as well. They monitor my computer use and check my emails, needless to say i am not allowed on any chat sites or have a webcam.

I do love them and i am sure they think they are looking after me but it is very frustrating when I cannot join my friends and do not know what they are talking about a lot of times

Sorry to see how controlling your parents are. What happens if you violate one of their rules? What type of discipline do you recieve?