I have the strangest dreams..but most of the time it's pretty neat. I love being able to remember them even though it can be tough sometimes. I had a lucid dream once, realized I was dreaming and decided to try flying, totally want to be able to do that more often. Usually I try to interpret what dreams mean, and think about how I felt, who was there, and unusual parts. One scarier dream at the beginning of the summer had dead camels in it, and I was at my college. I definitely felt like my stamina was wearing thin last it made perfect sense in a way. Last night, I wish my subconcious had given me a bit more..haha. Part of my dream I was in one of my professor's houses and there was a twisting crazy slide that I went down. We were very close but our relationship got a bit rocky and I am worried about it, so I can see where the intense slide is coming from..but it doesn't help me figure out what to do. I did like the feeling of being out of control while riding it, though, which usually isn't me. I'm hoping if I just relax the situation will work out. I love my intense dreams, they're little adventures. It's especially neat when I can remember a lot, and when they help me out with awake-life. Sweet dreams!
octogal octogal
18-21, F
Jul 18, 2010