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When Dreams Cause a Physical Reaction

Without going into detail of the dream itself, last night I had such an intense one I woke up with a pounding, hang-over headache! My emotions were a roller-coaster throughout the dream, and my mind continued to reel in awake state! Anyone ever felt that way?

One other strange "physical" occurance I experienced after a dream, still stays with me today, even though this happened a few years ago. I dreamed I had been SHOT in my right arm/shoulder by someone weilding a handgun. When I awoke from the dream, my arm was INTENSELY aching physically in the "gun wound" of my dream!! My question is: Did the Dream bring on the physical pain? Or had my arm been hurting all along, and my mind processed it into a Dream??

emerald emerald 36-40, F 29 Responses Apr 7, 2008

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I too have had dreams where I have woken up with injuries and still have an injury from a dream well over a month ago. The first dream which is by far the weirdest and worst started with me being at the fair on a ride and somebody who pushed past me with a cigarette accidentally burnt me on my arm. When I woke up I 100% genuinely had a burn on my arm on the thin skinned part on the underside just opposite the elbow in that crease. It was circular shaped, red and hurt too touch and took a while to go just like any normal burn. I don't smoke or even possess a lighter anything similar to burn myself with.
That dream was about 9 year ago when I was 24 years old! The second dream happened just a month ago, i whacked my finger with a hammer doing some joinery work but it didn't wake me this time like the first dream. Instead the dream carried on and finished. Ever since that dream the end of the finger has been numb, like i have frostbite in it.
I'm also wondering if you get an injury in your sleep is your body going to try to fix it (in real time)?
Maybe that's why I got a red mark/blister on my arm after the first dream, because my brain thought it actually did happen! I mean bodies are clever, my wife had a phantom pregnancy about 10 years ago. Also I lost my middle finger 29 years ago but can still feel the end of it.
Hope somebody messages back, Daz

That is the most bizzar and awesome example I've heard yet! lol

If you really think that's freaky, you should check out this article:
More then just pain comes out of those dreams, and it's happened to me!

I love to dream... the more vivid the better. Even if the dreams are "bad dreams"... they can be so intense, so visceral and so ... well... uninhibited. I do stuff in dreams I can hardly imagine considering doing in RL.

I was a lucid dreamer from about 8-14 years old. I would go to bed each night as excited or as anticipating as if I was about to head out on an adventure. Because I was!

My first kiss (recounted somewhere else here) was in a dream and it was in fact a "wet dream"... *from a kiss!*

I usually like to dream, too. Ironically, I do not like when my vivid brain dreams of T-Rex! Which about 2-3 times a year it does! And every time I try to hide...usually in a house... the beastly dino sticks its eye to the window and finds me no matter where I'm hiding! :O lol

Haha reminds me of when I had a wet dream whilst cuddling up to my wife. It went all over her! She gave me a right telling off but it was nothing I could help!

i really need an answer to my dreams. i wake up in the middle of the night.. lets say to get a cup of water next to my desk on the other side of my room. as i go to get the water i see people. not physically see people, but i mentally picture people with me in my room. and i have full on conversations with them for 2-3 minutes and sometimes its even longer. i know exactly what im doing and who im talking to but i cant control my self at all. i really don't know what this "dream" is. i don't even think i can call it a dream. its like im overlapping to a different universe or something. does anyone at all know what this is? i have tried to google it and find answers but i just cant seem to get any.

I don't know what it is. But I have experienced the same thing. It still happens to me sometimes. I just randomly wake up in the middle of the night and I imagine there's people in my room. I can also see them, like in my mind. They talk back to me, but they're not like ghosts or something. At first I thought it was super weird and I considered telling my parents, but at the same time those 'people' made me feel comfortable and I loved talking to 'them'. What I'm trying to say is that this is something you'll probably have your entire life. You just gotta learn to live with it. And trust me sometimes it's very comforting to tell your story to someone who doesn't exist.

You may be astral projecting and not know it. This is basically an outer body experience, if you know how to control it, it could be a good thing. It all about focus, look it up to get a better understanding, good luck dear.

Try looking up astral travel it might explain alot

I have had dreams in which someone kicks me or squeezes my tesiticales and I wake up from the pain of the dream and my tesiticales actually hurt

I had a dream before when I as climbing a building on a hill and then next thing I know I was falling then woke up and felt like I was still falling couldn't even move till I eased up.

Your dream sounds similar to something I had a few days ago. At the end of a dream I had last friday my legs were blown to shreds by a bomb, I woke up and I could have sworn that my legs were in pieces, I ended up taking way more ibuprofin and sleep pills than recommended so that i could try and stop the pain. When I woke up again my legs had a dull ache but my left knee had more intense pain so I bought a brace for it and that helped but almost a week later and Im still wearing the brace. My google searching has thus far not revealed any information has to what the hell is happening is causing my brain to think my knee is blown up.

I've had several dreams involving an attempted escape from the Weeping Angels (of Doctor Who, if anyone's interested to find out more about them, check out the season 3 episode "Blink" of the new series).

A Weeping Angel is a being that can only move when your eyes are closed, so hence, when you blink, they come after you. I recall running backwards in an attempt to keep the Angel pursuing me in my sights, but I was unable to help blinking. With each blink, the Angel kept getting closer and closer to me, with a menacing grin on it's face. I woke up just before it touched me, bolt upright in bed, and aching all over my body, as if I'd been really running for my life.

Most of the dreams I've had involving escaping from an entity, or running from something, have also elicited this response from me, including the latest dream, a botched heist job that was initiated on the fly, which went south pretty quickly, forcing me to leg it. I wasn't running, but simply walking. However, when I woke up, the aches of a full body workout were there.

I don't know which is more interesting... the Weeping Angel or this botched heist job you speak of! ;D

early this morning i was asleep and had such a vivid experience I woke up and asked myself if there had just been an earthquake. I felt everything around me vibrating and a loud, deep, male voice stating "I am here." It was all around me and I heard it prior to the "sleepquake".

I had just started reading Jung's Liber Novus.

Interpretation, "When Dreams Cause a Physical Reaction"

Responding to pain and emotional stress often leaves an aftermath of trauma. Your dream is a rude awakening to the reality of coping and Learning to embrace the value of disappointments. Suffering touches everyone and scars the soul with regret. The remnants of despondency are a reminder of human frailty.

Hello Emarald,
Did you watch The Matrix? One of the lines during the movie is, "Your mind makes it real." Very interesting, the power of belief. A quote from another movie says, "The physical's the illusion, thought's are what's real."

I had an extremely vivid dream that I was marrying, well, the woman of my dreams. I wrote it down in a journal on my computer. Here it is:<br />
<br />
Sunday, June 24th ~3:00 AM [Wakeup]<br />
I just had an amazing dream. I was getting married to the most beautiful woman, and I genuinely felt love, even in my sleep. The details are beginning to slip away, but that part I remember. I have never seen a wedding, so maybe that's why my brain didn't show that part, but we were talking about the wedding. Next thing I know I'm dancing with her. As I held her close, I realized the was a lot smaller than me. She had the most beautiful smile. I don't know what makes your brain think a dream is real, but I wish I didn't have to wake up. I know it was just a dream, but I woke up feeling as though something was missing. Why are dreams so realistic? I don't know if I'll even remember this dream, but I hope I find a woman like that in real life. Normally, I just ignore my dreams. I have never written any of them down or anything. This one is different, somehow. I just know it. Now that I think about it, sometimes I have dreams that come true in a few years.* Maybe this is one of them. I sure hope so...<br />
*For example, several years ago I dreamed I was riding my bike down a large hill and I fell off and hurt my arm. The dream felt so real, it stuck with me for a while. A few months ago, before school was out, I rode my bike down the same hill from the dream and fell off and had to get my arm (the same arm from the dream) looked at by a doctor. Then I had to wear a sling because it hurt to move.

WOuld be wonderful if your wedding dream comes true! :) Keep us posted if it happens!

I had a dream a few years ago that has and will always stay with me. I was making love to an unknown sensation. I can't see a face or body but feel all the sensations of love making, being touched and kissed etc. When i woke up, i was climaxing.<br />
I really thought I was making love with a spirit<br />
Does anyone know of how I can encourage this dream to happen again or explain to me why I had the dream?

Want2... many times dreams are our subconcious coming out to play at night. YOu might have very much been craving the act of sex and 'making love'. Other times, what we dream are symbolic for totally different things than what the obvious dream was about. Then there are those cases of people that claim to actually have had sex with spirits, usually known as incubus or succubus. Only you can come up with the suitable explaination as you are the only one who knows the details of the dream. :)

My husband takes Mirapex for restless leg syndrome. Every so often the dosage needs to be increased as it no longer works. Once he increases the dosage he falls asleep easily during the day if he sits. This is when he has vivid dreams...with the new increase in dosage. He dreams of getting shot or being in a fight and has found himself on the floor. He actually is living this. It's really scary because even though he wakes up it takes a few minutes to realize it was a dream. It's dangerous because he could really get hurt. Without the increase in medication he would not sleep at all at night because of the restless leg syndrome. Hope this helps those that have this problem to know it can be related to medication...or be enhanced by medication.

Yes Vivid... nightmares and vivid dreams are a side effect of many drugs. Chantix (quit smoking pill program) is having that effect on many...mostly males, I have noticed; in our office. This side effect can make it rough on an individual to decide... use the med for it's benifit and suffer the dreams, or dismiss meds and dreams. Life likes to throw crappy curve balls like that! :/

How about when your dreaming about like, a basketball game and the ball is about to go outta bounds. Its right next to you so you go to dive for it. Even though its a dream, my body ended up flying up and i knocked stuff off my night stand that was in the direction of the ball!

I sometimes am just a few minutes sleep and the I wake ip from my arms, legs, and/or whole body jolting or something. <br />
The I also have these weird scars on my back I don't know how I gotthe never hurt but I think they might be from a dream I once had

i had a dream about a knight fight and when i got up imy hads and chest was herting y is this

i had a dream about a knight fight and when i got up imy hads and chest was herting y is this

I have recently been dreaming about sugary foods, like cereals, cakes, cookies, etc. to the point of naseaum. I am fairly healthy, exercise regularly, and usually eat these items in moderation, so it is not due to deprivation that I have these on my mind. But, when I wake up the next morning I literally feel sick to my stomach and have an intense physical reaction from these dreams. I am wondering if there is something more going on with how my body is processing food or if I am maybe having an actual physiological response of some kind (blood sugar dropping)?

my husband has vivid dreams where he is fighting with someone or is at work doing very physical things. He is retired and he wakes up feeling exhausted, heart palpatations and chest pains. He is 70 years old and have had these dreams on and off for years. I am loking for a solution.

I had a terrifying dream once where a frightning figure jumped out at me suddenly causing jump up really fast was probably going to run but my boyfriend had a quick reaction and caught me. When I woke I was terrified and my heart was pounding, the fear in my dream was so intense my body reacted like it really happened!

I've come to the conclusion, the brain (dreams) can cause a physical reaction. Afterall, isn't sexual "wet dreams" nothing more than a dream that's stimulated arrousal?? THen why couldn't it arrouse a "painful" stimulation???

Real world and dreams sometimes overlap, but also dreams sometimes affect real world--should say body. If it still hurts a long time after, I'd say the dream did it, or at least, increased the ache. Your mind attached to it because you woke up before resolving it.<br />
I have had physical dreams, I think I'll share mine now.

i once had a dream where i dreamt someone puched me really hard in the stomach, but it was so hard that it woke me up, and when i woke up, i actually really felt like i had been punched in the stomach.

Interresting comments here! Esp. the "bucket dream"! <br />
Ironically, even though this story is older, just this weekend my daughter, out of the blue, says: Mom, have you ever dreamed of being shot or hurt, and woke up with your body hurting where you were hurt at in your dream??" Now it's happening to my poor kid??!! Scary This!!! :O

I remember a dream from when I was a child that involved me carrying a very heavy bucket of water. When I woke up from the dream, I could distinctly feel the weight of the bucket in my hand and arm. I've always remembered that dream because of that "physical reaction" upon waking, though I really couldn't tell you anything else about the dream. Your post reminded me of that experience.

cant say which one of the 2 you mentioned is right because I believe that you could have hurt yourself or pressed on your arm and this is why you feel the pain when you wake up...I have many many vivid dreams and wake up in different places in my room...recently I woke up on the floor and the thump woke me .got a black and blue the next day...maybe I hit the night stand...this scares me half to way to know they why of it.

I'm not a superstitious or otherwise unrealistic person, however, I am all but convinced I live a whole other life in my dreams. It's pretty cool and I feel that I enjoy it quite a bit. If you are familiar with the original matrix movie.. my dreams are like the matrix.. I enter a whole other wild alternate life. Then, in the morning, I disconnect from "the Matrix" and live my day life. I don't usually remember much, except a little about what was going on close to waking up. I don't try to record or write down anything... I just try to enjoy it. I have been told my whole life that I talk and yell in my sleep... some of it gibberish some understandable.... <br />
I'm sure it's all part of our extremely complex brain's way of functioning..

Usually if your body is hurting, or for that matter, if anything loud or distrubing or unusual is happening beyond your body and your brain picks it up, it'll fit it into the scheme of things into your dream. I'm a light sleeper, so if I have the radio on, I can always hear what song's on--it's sort of weird. But I have had dreams like the ones you described--it's so creepy to wake up and be like "Holy crap, did I dream it, or did it really happen?" The distortion of reality is pretty trippy.