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I recently started taking Cymbalta for my fibro and am finally getting good rest and have vivid dreams. I had a dream I was in a neighborhood somewhere with my family and I went to the car and opened the door. A guy was standing behind me, maybe a family member, Heck I don't even know them all. I turned around and a young male had a shotgun in my face. I would like to say I told him Go ahead Punk, Make my day, but I didn't. I was literally scared to death. I told him, you don't want to do this, don't do this! Then I said, It's only Wednesday! He then laughed and put down the gun and went in the house. I woke up and went to the kitchen to make my coffee. My son was on the computer. The phone rang and i got up to answer it and saw the face of the young male that had a gun on me on the computer screen. I was talking on the phone and speechless. I had already spoke to my son and my friend about the dream. I got off the phone and told them that was the guy. Above the picture of the video on you tube it said something about Wednesday. My son said it was Tyler the Creator. I have never seen or heard of him. Strange!!!
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yup, i can also relate to vivid dreams...vivid and downright wierd sometimes. Mine are thanks to Citalopram.....good point Nate0446...do our brains really rest? hmmm..

Yeah I never thought about it but I guess our brains are always active.

Yes, My sons showed me some video. I guess they listen to him. I was so strange !

To the best of my knowledge Tyler the creator is a Rapper singer , Tyler Okomna is his name of birth .