Just Weird

I had a dream last night that I was doing some study with some strange ppl I've never met and they wanted me to write down my person information name, dob, ss#, my army unit info, commanders info, then it kinda went black like I quit dreaming but then I dreamt that I had just woke up but this time I was in my bedroom with the same ppl and I could hear them talking about me and this random guy went to grab me so I retired to punch him but my arms wouldn't work so I kinda realized I was dreaming so I just doped and tried to see if they could touch me and they would get super close and looked very evil when I got aggressive but it was so vivid it was crazy, but I started being able to control the dream, I have never had a dream like this ever in my life, it could be a few factors I didn't easy alot I take mads for depression that I didn't take that coulda been it
Mwat8097 Mwat8097
May 16, 2012