Silly Dream 5/19/2012

I find that when I get several hours of sleep, than wake up and fall back to sleep a short while later, I remember my dreams best and most clearly. This happened to me today, and I dreamt that I was visiting my girlfriend's Mother for a holiday. But in the dream her real Mom was her Grandmother and that was who raised her, but we were visiting her birth Mom. In the dream her birth Mom lived in a fancy apartment complex that was like a large fancy hotel. I got into an argument with her birth Mom and walked out to get the car ready, and got lost and ended up in this Old West Style Town that was set up inside the apartments. There was a gift shop, and I distinctly remember looking at drawing pads with bejewled kitty covers for my girlfriend. Than I got lost in the town, and the people who were working there were all my managers from work. Before waking up I just remember being very frustrated because I was lost and just wanted desperately to get back to my girlfriend.
GlitterFlame89 GlitterFlame89
22-25, F
May 20, 2012